HP Deskjet 2633 printer comes with strawberry red and deep colors. It is moderate classy printer with the ability to print in HP thermal inkjet technology. HP Deskjet 2633 printer allows you to enjoy print, scan, copy and wireless printing. The first time setup for HP Deskjet 2633 printer is easy and simple if you follow the instructions given below.

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Dj2633 Printer Setup

HP Deskjet 2633 printer doesn’t need a huge place, its look compact and easy to unbox and fix by single handed. The weight of the HP Deskjet 2633  printer is just 3.45kg; it’s not too high for a printer which supports wireless and cooler features.

Dj2633 Driver Install

The Driver supports the user entirely. You can download this driver software from 123 hp setup dj2633 once you downloaded it, the onscreen notification will redirect you to the installations process

Dj2633 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is easy if you have knowledge about your HP Deskjet 2633 printer, if your printer is new and you don’t know much about it means try not to get nervous. Our technical experts are here to support you.

HP Deskjet 2633 First Time Printer Setup

HP Deskjet 2633 Printer Setup

Step 1: Remove the Dj2633 Printer from the Box

When it comes to unboxing, there is a stereotype that not to unbox alone. But in the case of HP Deskjet 2633 printer you can easily do it by your own.

  • Initially take the sharp edged knife to unseal the packing of the 123 HP Deskjet 2633 printer
  • Now you could see the printer wrapped in the polythene bag, try to hold the bag and take off the printer
  • Then try to remove all package material which provided for transportation safety. There will be some material at the cartridge door and scanning door, you ought to remove everything

Step 2: Connect the Dj2633 into the Power Cord

  • To power on your 123 hp dekjet 2633 printer you must plug it into the power socket because it doesn’t runs with any other battery

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Step 3: Install the Dj2633 Ink Cartridges & Driver install

  • Then you have to install 2 ink cartridge to its respective slot by opening the cartridge door, make sure to handle it with extra concern
  • Now try to install the printer software and Driver from the 123 hp dj2633 printer.

Step 4: HP Deskjet 2633 Wireless Setup

123.hp.com dj2633 Services

Deskjet 2633 First Time Setup

You can easily setup your HP Deskjet 2633 printer even if you are new to setting up things. Calm yourself and trust our words which are gonna guide you entirely for next hour. If you can’t follow us, ping our techies

Deskjet 2633 Driver Download

Your printing dream comes true when you download and install this Driver from the 123.hp.com/setup 2633 The printer driver gives you solution for all your queries concerning about your 123 HP Deskjet 2633 printer

Deskjet 2633 USB Setup

If you don’t have any wireless requirements shortly, you can also make this USB Setup with the genuine HP USB cord, it comes with the HP Deskjet 2633 printer package. For this setup you must place your system near to your printer

Deskjet 2633 Wireless Setup

Most of the budget printer may not come with this attractive feature. But you made a right choice by purchasing 123 HP Deskjet 2633 printer which supports all wireless connection including mobile printing

Deskjet 2633 HP Mobile Print

We may have some awesome family photographs yet to be framed, but literally we do not find time to proceed with that. Trust us, you can also print photo copies by your HP Deskjet 2633 printer via mobile phones

Deskjet 2633 Features Setup

123 HP Deskjet 2633 Printer supports all the wireless printing like ePrint, Mopria print, Air print and HP mobile print. You can print your documents and photos on different sized sheets even at Photo sheet and broacher sheet

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HP Deskjet 2633 Driver Installation

The installation process is easy and one touch equip. you can find the printer software and drivers from the 123.hp.com/setup 2633. Once you downloaded it you will get some onscreen notifications which redirect you to the installation process. If you have HP easy scan your system will easily find the 123 HP Deskjet 2633 printer at the installation process.

HP Deskjet 2633 Driver Install For Windows

Follow the simple instructions below for the driver installation for windows:

  • If you wanna enjoy the complete feature of your HP Deskjet 2633 printer, you have to download and install the Driver.
  • To install this Driver, there is a short criterion for your system needs to satisfy. you can benefit Only If your system is running with Window 7 or advanced OS
  • If you don’t meet these criteria try to update your system before get into the installation process
  • Then you need a network connection to download the HP Driver from on-line. Come up with the proper network connection to enjoy the complete features of your HP Deskjet 2633 printer
  • Then now try to download the Driver and software from the 123.hp.com/dj2633, it would be easy and comfortable for you if you use Chrome Browser because it will be helpful for you to benefit Cloud print
  • Once the Driver is downloaded, try to install it with help the Onscreen instructions

HP Deskjet 2633 Driver Install For MAC

Follow with the mentioned steps below, to continue with the driver installation for MAC:

  • HP Deskjet 2633 printer supports Mac connection with some criteria.
  • You can enjoy the features life printing, scanning, copying and wireless connections if your Mac runs with OSX10.7 or with later updates.
  • If your Mac doesn’t runs with the above mentioned OSX, probably you must update your OSX to get connected with your stylish HP Deskjet 2633 printer
  • Then ensure that you have a high speed network connection to enjoy high speed connection while you download the HP Printer Driver
  • You can download the Software and HP Printer Driver from 123.hp.com/setup dj2633 Once you downloaded it you can easily install it with the instruction shown from your installer
  • If you can’t find the downloaded HP Printer Driver means, you should get into the printers and scanners to check the available printers. If any printer is available rather than HP Deskjet 2633 printer, you must remove it to find your own printer.

HP Deskjet 2633 Wireless Mobile Printing

If you wanna enjoy printing via android mobile, e-mail and apple mobile you have to setup the wireless mobile print. If once you have done with this setup process you may get benefit for long period time. If this is your first time to setup with wireless mobile printing make sure you are not getting panic. The instructions which you find below is completely for you

HP Deskjet 2633 Airprint Setup

HP Deskjet 2633 printer supports Air Print Service. It’s simple and easy to activate this service if you follow our guidance with trust. These steps are phrased by our techies

  • You can use this airprint service only if you have an iPhone which runs with the advanced OS ( iPhone 3G don’t support this feature)
  • Then check with your 123 hp dj2633 printer, if your printer is connected to your system via USB it will be tough to make use of this feature. So try to connect it to your network via Wi-Fi direct or Wireless Direct
  • Then you must connect your iPhone to the same network where the HP Deskjet 2633 printer is connected
  • Now try to open a document or picture from your iPhone and select the airdrop option, under that you may get the print option
  • Once you selected the print, you may get the nearby printer or available printer, by selecting that you can easily print your photos
  • To Know more about hp air printers setup, call us @ 18445542340

HP Deskjet 2633 ePrint Setup

DJ2633 ePrint setup Window and Mac

  • ePrint is an awesome key to print your stuffs when you are not at home. To proceed with this setup try to follow the instructions given below
  • you need HP Deskjet 2633 printer’s Driver to be installed if you wanna get benefit with this feature, if you haven’t install it, scroll up to get the guidance for Driver install.
  • Now you should try to activate the web service from the administration tab for window. Go to 123.hp.com setup to download the HP ePrint software for Mac
  • Once you activated this service you ought to print the specification copy. From that you can easily find the url and mail I’d of your HP Deskjet 2633 printer
  • Once you found it, give an attempt to print using ePrint by mailing your documents to your HP Deskjet 2633 printer
  • If you couldn’t do these procedure means, drop your burden on us by opening a chat or call session

HP Deskjet 2633 Cloud Print Setup

Dj2633 Cloud Print Setup For MAC and Windows

  • Try to connect your HP Deskjet 2633 printer to the router and connect the necessary computer with the same network
  • Try to install the Google Chrome to make things easy with the cloud printing service
  • You must create a new Google account( preferably ) to use 123 hp dj2633 Cloud print service without any interrogation
  • From your Google account try to find the settings and there you could easily locate the Google cloud print service
  • From the Cloud print service, you ought to find the  hp dj2633 printer from the list of printers. Once you found it, try to select it after you inspected that it is correct model number.
  • Then open a preferable document from your computer and try to print it by selecting the print option
  • You can find the cloud print under the print option, after editing the number of copies, color or black, try to give print
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HP Deskjet 2633 Connectivity Setup

You may see difficulties with setting up wireless printer, but once you complete it, the whole printing job will become easy and trouble free. Now a day’s most of the people prefer wireless rather than wired connection. 123 hp dj2633 Wireless connection has huge benefits where wired connection lags to be in the modern era, if once you enjoy this service you will never go back to the wired service

HP Deskjet 2633 Auto Wireless Connect

Step 1: Dj 2633 Printer Setup

  • To get benefit with this service, you must connect your HP Deskjet 2633 printer to the wireless network connection using the router
  • After this step, you must try to connect your computer to the same router where the HP Deskjet 2633 printer is connected

Step 2: HP 2633 Installation process

  • To avail this feature you must install the printer Driver and printer software, if you previously completed this installation process proceed with the following points
  • If you have the Ethernet connection, you can’t get benefit with this wireless services, so you should try to upgrade your Ethernet to wireless network with the help of the router
  • Now check with your computer, if you see find any static IP address you should remove it completely
  • While you install the Driver to your computer, your system can find your printer within two hours. If the time exceed it, try to reinstall it without any hesitation
  • Then try to give your HP DeskJet 2634 printer’s queue name and IP to your system

HP Deskjet 2633 WPS Setup

Step 1: Dj2633 Printer software installation

  • To make use of this feature, you must find the printer software from net to install
  • You may find the Printer software and driver from 123 hp dj2633 try to download it.
  • Once the printer software get downloaded, you must ready to install it in right path

Step 2: Dj2633 Pushbutton

  • To connect your HP Deskjet 2633 printer to the router, you must avail the pushbutton feature to your router
  • It’s a kind of hard button where you must press it on the router and the printer. After that you should hold on for few minutes
  • After few minutes your HP Deskjet 2633 printer and the router will get into some communication
  • If you use any default security system, it would be hard to carry over with your 123 hp deskjet 2633 printer

If still you can’t make it connect means you should probably repeat the complete process  once again or simply try to connect with us by opening the chat or call session which you find on this screen

HP Deskjet 2633 Wireless Setup Wizard

Step 1: Dj2633 Printer setup for HP wireless wizard

  • To setup of this process starts with the control panel of your elegant HP Deskjet 2633 printer
  • Before switching into the HP Wireless Setup you must secure your network by providing a WPS or WPA security system to enjoy the safe wireless connectivity

Step 2: Dj2633 Select your secured network’s name

  • Then now try to select the network menu from your 123 HP Deskjet 2633 printer and from that down menu select the wireless option
  • From that option you should try to select your own network name from the list.
  • If you couldn’t find your network name, probably you should type it by your own. While you type make sure you giving the right upper and lower case
  • Now you will find your network name. now probably your router is connected to the HP Deskjet 2633 printer with the support of Wireless Setup Wizard

Once it does get connected, you should print the default wireless network test report. From that you could find your system’s id and URL

123.hp.com/wireless protected setup

HP Deskjet 2633 Troubleshooting

HP Deskjet 2633 Printer is Offline for Windows

It’s not a big deal to trash this issue if you calmly follow the given instruction. Usually people may get ruined if they see this issue and some may feel lazy to call service center to get help. Don’t feel for unworthy problems, these things can be solve by your own with our online techies support. Make a note of these instructions closely

Step 1: Check the Default printers

  • The first most thing in troubleshooting is accusing the problem, the only way to solve the issue is knowing what’s the problem is and sketching for the solution
  • Try to go search for devices and printers, if you see any other selected printer rather than HP Deskjet 2633 printer you ought to remove it entirely
  • You should also remove all printers in grey even if it is 123 hp dj2633 printer

Step 2: Restart your system and printer

  • Now try to save the entire work in progress, then turn off your computer and calmly wait for few minutes
  • Then try to power off your hp deskjet 2633 printer and remove the plug connection from the power source. Now remove the USB and Ethernet connection entirely from your HP Deskjet 2633 printer
  • Then try to power on the system and printer with some gap
  • Now try to resume with your printing job, most probably you can print, if still you shown “printer is offline” you ought to repeat the entire process

HP Deskjet 2633 Printer Job Stuck in Printer Queue

It will be hard to see this “Print job stuck in printer queue” dialogue bar when you are in serious printing job, but trust us, it’s not that big issue to be off. Take a deep breath and follow the easy instructions given below

Step 1: Stop spooler from your window

  • Try to find the service option from your computer and once you find, try to select it, from that you may get some sub options.
  • From that sub option you ought to select the spooler option.
  • Now try to stop the spooler from your computer. then wait for few minutes

Step 2: Delete the existing files

  • Now you must try to delete the entire catches of your HP Deskjet 2633 printer.
  • Then clear all the existing temps and dot folders from your computer
  • After that try to delete the saved files from your 123 hp dj2633 printer

Step 3: Restart the entire system and printer

  • Now try to power off your printer and unplug the current source
  • Then you should unplug all the USB and Ethernet cables if it is connected
  • Now you ought to turn off your computer too. Hold for few minutes
  • Then you should power on your Deskjet 2633 printer by plug in all the necessary sockets
  • Then try to continue with your printing job