HP Deskjet 3721 Printer Setup

HP Deskjet 3721 Printer device offers a high quality printing in affordable price and withstand with high supporting features. It comforts you with better productivity. With 123.hp.com/dj3721 Printer device, you can stay productive and reduce the duration of printing without any hurdles. It assists functionality under All in One Printer and offers the same to the users.

123.hp.com/dj3721 printer setup

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Dj3721 Printer Setup

Find a cool place near to your computer and so you can enjoy leisure printing with HP Deskjet 3721 Printer. Make sure you have all the necessary equips like paper storing box, covering materials near your 123 hp dj3721 Printer

Dj3721 Driver Install

The Driver installation has to be done to prolong the benefits like scanning and printing with HP Deskjet 3721 Printer. 123.hp.com/setup 3721 avails driver for all models, you have to search for HP Deskjet 3721 Printer to install

Dj3721 Troubleshooting

Every printer stuck at some case, you ought to solve it to resume your printing deal. The tenacious thing is determination of the issue; once you find the details of the dilemma you can simply troubleshoot it on your own

HP Deskjet 3721 First Time Printer Setup

HP Deskjet 3721 Printer Setup

Step 1: Remove the Dj3721 Printer from the Box

  • Before you get into the unboxing, get a sharp pointed blade to unseal the box
  • Once you unsealed it, you can take your HP Deskjet 3721 printer by your own, mostly you doesn’t need any help because the weight of the HP Deskjet 3721 printer is around 2.5KG only
  • Now try to remove the HP Deskjet 3721 printer from the box. And then remove all the tapes
  • Now open the scanner door, there you can find some safety package material to remove
  • Then open the paper tray and remove the plastics from the paper holder

Step 2: Connect the Dj3721 into the Power Cord

If you positioned your hp deskjet3721 printer near to the power socket, it would be easy to make a connection; else you should find a power extension box

  • First of all you ought to remove the protection plastic material from the plug
  • Then you must connect it to the power socket and switch on the power
  • Hold for few seconds and then turn on your HP Deskjet 3721 printer and check its working or not

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Step 3: Install the Dj3721 Ink Cartridges

  • HP Deskjet 3721 printer has 2 significant ink cartridge, one black and one tri color
  • Open the ink cartridge door and hold for few second to get idle
  • Then insert the cartridge to its slot by holding the black plastic

Step 4: Install the Dj3721 Printer Software

  • Now try to install the driver for your HP Deskjet 3721 printer from 123.hp.com/dj3721

123.hp.com Dj3721 Services

Dj3721 First Time Setup

The first time setup is same for the both Mac and Windows, so you don’t want to search information for each individual. Placing your HP Deskjet 3721 Printer near to power socket could prevent the needs of additional junction

Dj3721 Driver Download

The installation of HP Printer Driver for HP Deskjet 3721 Printer helps you to print sheets from the system and nearby devices by the support of wireless setup. This driver seems like a core to HP Deskjet 3721 Printer

Dj3721 USB Setup

You can also connect your 123 HP Deskjet 3721 printer to the computer or smartphones using this USB cord. Your HP Deskjet 3721 Printer comes with the genuine USB cord so try not to use other fake non HP USB cord.

Dj3721 Wireless Setup

The Printer Driver which you installed from 123.hp.com/setup dj3721 provides the wireless setup wizard from that you can activate the wireless feature for your HP Deskjet 3721 Printer. It has high printing quality.

Dj3721 HP Mobile Print

HP Deskjet 3721 Printer has the noteworthy feature of HP mobile print. Once you installed the application you could easily do print, scan and fax your personal stuffs from mobile at anytime. Enjoy making your softcopy hard.

Dj3721 Features Setup

It has a moderate copy resolution upto 300 x 300 dpi and 64MB for storage. HP Deskjet 3721 Printer has the ability to print with multi size like A4, A6 and B5. And it has some features like airprint, cloud print and mobile print.

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HP Deskjet 3721 Driver Installation

To install this driver your window computer must be higher than window7 and your Mac computer must be greater than OSX 10.7. If you want to enjoy the endless printing you should install the printer softer which is also called as Driver. You can find this software at 123.hp.com printer

HP Deskjet 3721 Driver Install For Windows

It’s easy and simple to install drivers from your window computer if you follow these steps given below. If you find any difficulties you can start the call or chat sessions to get connect with our technical experts

  • Initially try to check your control panel for the drivers and printers. If you find any other driver installed, you ought to uninstall and remove it from your window computer
  • Then open the chrome and try to download the Driver from 123.hp.com/setup 3721
  • Once it get downloaded, you may get some installer notification with the license and agreements
  • Try to tick ‘I agree’ to that license and ready to give install
  • If you can’t get the installer notification you must search for it from your system and then try to give install
  • From the onscreen notification you must select the wireless from the setup type

HP Deskjet 3721 Driver Install For MAC

The driver installation in Mac is moreover similar to window. Don’t get nervous about the installation setup, these steps are specially phrased for you by our experts

  • If your Mac computer is running with OSX 10.7 or later series, you can install this software to your computer. if you doesn’t own a Mac with OS X 10.7 or later, try to update your system before you install the HP Printer Driver
  • You should download HP Printer Driver from 123.hp.com/setup 3721 driver installation to proceed further.
  • Once it completely downloaded you will get an installer notification
  • Open the notification bar to proceed with the installation set up
  • While you install, you want to enter the user id and password which is mandatory if your Mac computer is secured condition
  • If the HP Printer Driver is not getting install you must check with the preferences of your Mac
  • Go to printers and scanners and check it out completely, if it has any other drivers rather than HP Printer Driver try to uninstall it and then reinstall 123 HP Deskjet 3721 Printer

HP Deskjet 3721 Ink Cartridge Installation

  • You must be more intentional while you install the ink cartridge because you must not touch the copper nozzle
  • You must hold the ink cartridge only at the black plastic surface. Rather than that, if you try to hold with any other place your ink cartridge may get spoil
  • Try to open the ink cartridge door and wait for your HP Deskjet 3721 printer to get silent and idle
  • After that you should install the black color ink cartridge to the black slot and tri color ink cartridge to the color slot
  • Insert it hard until you feel yourself that ink cartridge get locked to your HP Deskjet 3721 printer
  • Then try to close the ink cartridge door of your HP Deskjet 3721 printer and wait until it get idle
  • For sample, load some paper and order it to perform specification print copy.

123.hp.com/ink cartridge installation

HP Deskjet 3721 Wireless Mobile Printing

HP mobile printing is a suave feature from the HP Deskjet 3721 printer. Once you installed it you could enjoy this feature for multiple times. It will be hard to read notes or thesis from your mobile, because retina may get dry and that’s not an easy thing. To prohibit all these resemblance problems you could use this Wireless mobile printing

HP Deskjet 3721 Airprint Setup

Being in a budget and compact lock, your HP Deskjet 3721 printer supports the Airprint for your iPhone, iPod, iPad. And if you wanna avail this airprint feature on your mobile, your iPhone or iPod or iPad must be run with ios 4.2 or later

  • Before you start the process, check your HP Deskjet 3721 printer’s network connection. If it is connected to USB or Ethernet it would be tough to benefit the Airprint so try to get connect with the Wi-Fi direct or HP wireless direct
  • Your HP Deskjet 3721 printer and the iPhone must be connected to the same network with high bandwidth
  • You can access 123 hp dj3721 Airprint via mail, safari, photos applications from your iPhone
  • When you ought to print a document or photo you should select the share option and then you have to search for the Airprint enabled printer, once you found it you have to select it to get the hard copy of your digital stuff

HP Deskjet 3721 ePrint Setup

Features of DJ 3721 ePrint Setup

  • This feature will helps you in many cases, if you are at some other place and the English notes which you prepared for your kid is with you.
  • If you use service like what’s app or Facebook, your kid may get struck to that, probably you could use this ePrint service to send the notes.
  • And here there is no chances for your kid to get distract when they have the hard copy.

DJ 3721 ePrint setup for Window and Mac

  • To enjoy the ePrint setup, you should probably install the Driver software if you doesn’t installed before
  • From that you should try to activate the web services (Window) HP ePrint software (Mac). Now your printer can be used from anywhere by mailing the document to 123.hp.com/dj3721 printer. You could find your printer’s mail I’d from the first print copy
  • If you couldn’t find the E-mail address of your printer try to configure on your own, if you see hard get support from our technicians

HP Deskjet 3721 Cloud Print Setup

DJ 3721 Cloud print setup for Window and Mac

  • Cloud print is easy to setup if you completely follow the below instruction which is phrased by the experienced technician
  • To benefit from the cloud print service you ought to open a proper Google account without any spam mails.
  • Once you created an account try to get into the settings where you can find 123.hp.com/dj3721 Cloud print services.
  • Once you opened the cloud printer services, you should select the HP Deskjet 3721 printer from the list of HP printers
  • Then try to print a document by selecting print option.
  • From the depth of it you could find the Cloud print option. Then you can change the print settings as per your need to proceed with the cloud print.
  • If still you don’t get the cloud print option means, you should check the selected printer from the Google Cloud print account
Get Technical Assistance For Deskjet 3721
Get help from our tech team and explore Call us Toll Free @ 1-844-554-2340
HP Deskjet 3721 Connectivity Setup

In the digital era, everything is easy and conservative. The user percentage of wireless connection is extremely higher than the user wired connection. HP Deskjet 3721 printer comes with the trustable wireless printing options. 123.hp.com/setup 3721 wireless printing setup is not that much hard as you guess and also it’s a simple acknowledged one time setup.

HP Deskjet 3721 Auto Wireless Connect

Step 1: DJ 3721 Printer Setup

  • To setup with the wireless connect, your HP Deskjet 3721 printer must be connected to the wireless network
  • The computer should also be in connection the same network where your HP Deskjet 3721 printer is connected

Step 2: DJ 3721 Driver Installation

  • If you don’t install 123.hp.com/setup dj3721 Printer Driver, you must install it now to access the Window wireless setup
  • If you have an Ethernet connection, you must remove it and you have to change the connection type to wireless
  • If you wanna avail this feature your computer must not be installed any static IP address
  • You have to wait more than two hours while the installation is ahead and your printer can find the system at that process
  • After that you should choose the internet protocol IIP from your system
  • Then you must attempt to give the right queue name and the IP address for your system
HP Deskjet 3721 WPS Setup

Step 1: Dj3721 Printer software installation

  • First of all you must install the printer software to make this feature available
  • The easiest method to connect WPS is pushbutton method. physical Pushbutton has a high chances of productivity
  • You must check with the router and your HP Deskjet 3721 printer, if it doesn’t have any hard pushbutton, you can’t benefit the WPS
  • WPA security system will be fine to make this 123.hp.com/dj3721 WPS setup, where if it doesn’t have any security it will not be safe to proceed

Step 2: Dj3721 Pushbutton mode

  • Then try to press the hard pushbutton from your router and the printer
  • Once you pressed the pushbutton, wait for few seconds. Your printer and router will be connected
  • WPS will never get connected if you using WPS security with the default user id and password
  • If you can’t connect the WPS, don’t get stressed by yourself rather than get connect with our technicians
HP Deskjet 3721 Wireless Setup Wizard
  • This feature runs with the support of HP Deskjet 3721 printer’s control panel
  • Before you start the process, check twice the network’s name and its security password. If it doesn’t have any security system try to make the network safe by providing the security system like WEP,WPA
  • Try to select the network menu, from that select the wireless and search for your network from the list
  • If you can’t find it you ought to type it by yourself with the right upper and lower case, if you don’t give the correct character you may not get your network’s name. and once you find your network you must select that and have to give confirmation
  • Once your HP Deskjet 3721 printer get connected to the router via HP Wireless Setup Wizard, you must try to print the wireless network test report
  • From that report you will get some details like your HP Deskjet 3721 printer’s MAIL ID

123.hp.com/wireless protected setup

HP Deskjet 3721 Wireless Setup

Wireless setup is the convenient and admirable tool, that most of 123 HP printer makes ease of printing jobs, but the initial setup alone needs more attention to setup the process. Once, it has been done, then it will become very simple and makes you comfort with this setup. Now, most of the people prefer this 123.hp.com/dj3721 wireless setup and enjoy it.

Dj3721 Wireless Setup For Windows

Follow the steps mentioned below, for setting the wireless setup for windows:

  • The key thing to notice in this setup is the network’s connection, you have to connect your HP Deskjet 3721 printer to the network where your system is connected
  • Check whether your system and HP Deskjet 3721 printer covers to the bandwidth of router
  • Connect your hp deskjet 3721 printer to the network with the support of HP wireless wizard
  • If you can’t find the wireless wizard option, go to the network settings and select the wireless menu, down to that you can easily find the wireless setup wizard.
  • For each and every single things of your printer is in need of the printer software and HP printer driver. You should configure it for every setup
  • The wireless wizard helps you to find and connect with the network
  • Likewise 123.hp.com/setup 3721 WPS setup helps you by providing the security system where it prohibits the third party to access your network
Dj3721 Wireless Setup For MAC

To connect your HP DeskJet 3721 Printer device wirelessly with the WPS button in your MAC device, follow the steps below:

To activate the wireless setup for your HP Deskjet 3721 printer you must clearly follow the instructions given below, these steps are easy enough to follow. If you find any difficulties, point it to us. We are here to rectify all your printer issues.

  • Initially you should install the HP Printer Driver from 123 hp dj3721 Once the installation process is done, you ought to select the connectivity type as wireless whereas you should never select the wired option
  • If you can’t download or install, you also proceed with the HP easy start. Which helps you at finding and installing the driver
  • Make sure your router has its security system, either your network will be open to all whereas anyone could take an access to use your network
  • So make sure WPS is enabled, if not try to get into the setup and do enable it
  • If you fed up with doing this process, try to relax by taking a deep breath. We are ready to reduce your burden
HP Deskjet 3721 Troubleshooting
Dj3721 Printer is Offline for Windows

Getting guidance from experts is the smarter choice than being ruined by your own. Be smart to give request help if you couldn’t solve by yourself

Step 1: Check the default

  • The initial step of troubleshooting is to discover the issue. You ought to get into the control panel and search for the devices and printers
  • Once you find it you should check with the installed or available printer. If any other printer is selected rather than 123 hp setup dj3721 printer, you ought to remove it and select the HP Deskjet 3721 printer.
  • If the selected printer looks in grey, try to remove it too

Step 2: Restart the system and printer

  • Now try to save all the functioning documents from your system, and now turn off your system. Hold down for few minutes
  • After few minutes power off your HP Deskjet 3721 printer and unplug it thoroughly
  • After a while, try to turn on your system and HP Deskjet 3721 printer with some gap
  • Now try to resume your printing job. If the still your HP Deskjet 3721 printer is not troubleshot means try to click the call button which you can find on this screen
Dj3721 Printer Job Stuck in Printer Queue

If you found that printing jobs get struck in between, follow the steps below to resolve and fix this issue properly:

  • Turn off your HP Deskjet 3721 Printer device by pressing the power button and then remove all the power cables from your printer and also from your wall outlet.
  • Make sure, you have saved all your printing works to save your time and to avoid confusion.
  • From the windows menu, click the services option and choose the printer spooler option to proceed further.
  • Right click on the printer spooler option and click the stop button on your HP Deskjet 3721 Printer device.
  • In case you don’t find enough memory to store your new files, then discard all the files present in the printer folder,
  • Turn off your Desktop and then leave it undisturbed for few minutes.
  • Now, turn on your both 123.hp.com/dj3721 Printer device and your Computer to examine your HP Deskjet 3721 device printing.
  • Again load the papers into the tray and just wait till the window opens and then start to take printouts effortlessly.

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