HP Deskjet 3730 Printer Setup

HP Deskjet 3730 printer serves with most comforted specifications with gentle attractive colors.. This features and functionality resides in such a way so it supports the most extended features with sophisticated printing. It also empowers multitasking under 123.hp.com/dj3730 All-in-one-series, which requires small space to place your printer in a flat, smooth surface.

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Dj3730 Printer Setup

To start off with the printer setup, just unbox your printer from the box and cutoff all the tapes sticking to it. With the help of manual, just follow the elegant steps for setting your 123 hp dj3730 printer in a convenient place.

Dj3730 Driver Install

You van visit the official site of HP for installing the driver on your HP Deskjet 3730 printer or else with the help of CD, (which will be inside the printer box) for installing the driver to support more enjoyable features for printing.

Dj3730 Troubleshooting

It is a common area, where you printer struck due to interrupts. Nothing to worry, it just technical way of exploring yourself as a experts, by solving your issues with the help of our guide or with our technicians support.

HP Deskjet 3730 First Time Printer Setup

HP Deskjet 3730 Printer Setup

Step 1: Remove the Dj3730 Printer from the Box

  • It is important to remove your HP Deskjet 3730 printer from a printer box and also remove its tapes.
  • Take its accessories out to free it from tapes and go on with further procedure.

Step 2: Connect the Dj3730 into the Power Cord

  • Now, just connect the cable’s one end to the printer and other end to the wall socket.
  • Make a necessary connection to the printer and the computer and be sure that all the connections are free from disturbances.

Step 3: Install the Dj3730 Ink Cartridges

  • Do check the cartridges, whether they are free from tapes, then follow with the below procedure.
  • Hold the cartridges firmly and install the cartridges gently into the desired slots for complete installation.
  • Once you fitted your cartridges, you will hear snap sound to assure your fitting.

123.hp.com/setup,install,driver download,wireless

Step 4: Install the Dj3730 Printer Software

  • With the help of CD, Install the printer software or refer the manual for the complete installation of printer software.
  • Be patient until the installation completes in your 123.hp.com/setup 3730 printer.

123.hp.com Dj3730 Services

Dj3730 First Time Setup

During your first time of your HP Deskjet 3730 printer setup, first remove the stickers to unpack the box and take the accessories out from the box. Do check it and begun the setting process by following our manual or 123.hp.com/dj3730.

Dj3730 Driver Download

Downloading the Driver with the CD/DVD or from official site of HP, makes you to enjoy the extended features with high support. Follow the instruction for the easy installation of driver download for your HP Deskjet 3730 printer.

Dj3730 USB Setup

To enjoy the features supported by USB, you have to install the full feature of the HP Deskjet 3730 Printer Software on your windows. To accomplish this task successfully, connect your USB to the printer in the specified place.

Dj3730 Wireless Setup

Wireless Setup involves simple steps for establishing the connection through wireless setup wizard. This attracts most of the users by its expanded vital features support in admirable way. Make sure, all devices are connected through the active network.

Dj3730 HP Mobile Print

Whenever you need to take printouts from smart mobile, tablets, etc, you can furnish your printing via a wired or wireless connection. Also, you can mail your documents directly to the ePrint enabled service for your printer to print files remotely.

Dj3730 Features Setup

The features setup makes you to be prevailed with versatile printing tasks, assisting your printing quality to be remarkable with the compact design. Also, control panel in your printer is designed in such a way that it appropriates the features for your printer.

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HP Deskjet 3730 Driver Installation

Driver Installation helps you to enjoy with the advanced features for your HP Deskjet 3730 printer. To experience this, you have to follow the HP Deskjet  3730  for finding the best updated firm software and read it description to understand better and then proceed with installation procedure. This installation is the foremost thing required for both MAC and Windows.

HP Deskjet 3730 Driver Install For Windows

Kindly proceed on with the below steps for successful driver installation for windows,

  • Generally, windows will intimate the users to update it software either manually or it will get updated automatically.
  • For finding appropriate software, set your windows settings to regular to get notified easily to get updated.
  • You can also choose the updated software by visiting the 123 hp com dj3730 and then choose the recommended software.
  • Select the Use an existing port option and then click on with the next option to get continued with the next process.
  • While choosing the software, ensure that it matches your requirements to get furnished with its extended support.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the whole process and wait till the windows gets you notified.
  • If you install the driver with USB, reconnect the cable after you complete the driver installation for windows.

HP Deskjet 3730 Driver Install For MAC

Follow with the mentioned steps below, to continue with the driver installation for MAC:

  • Apple software is must, for driver installation for MAC on your computer.
  • Click on the Apple menu, then be wise to choose the system preferences option to continue.
  • If the installation process is not clear, follow our manual for installing the driver on your MAC, ensure that your printer and computer are connected to the same active network.
  • Now, check your printer name is listed else follow the instructions to add your printer into the network.
  • Add your printer with the help of print using option, it’s wise to choose your printer’s device name.
  • Do follow whatever the system prompts and then click on with continue option to proceed with 123.hp.com/setup 3730 driver download and installation.
  • After you done with the whole process setup, close the system preferences and then begin with taking printouts.

HP Deskjet 3730 Ink Cartridge Installation

Follow the steps below for successful installation of cartridges into the desire slots to enjoy with colored and colorless printouts:

  • Do prior check on the cartridges and the slots whether they are ready for the installation process.
  • Once, you noticed that your slots are free from tapes, then it will be very perfect for installing your cartridges into the slots.
  • You have to touch only the black plastic portion of the cartridges, be sure that you touch only on the specified place.
  • Touching other portions on the cartridges, makes your process to be bit complicated. To avoid that, touch only the black plastic portion.
  • Now hold your 123.hp.com/dj3730 ink cartridges gently and bring it facing towards the copper contacts to fix your cartridges into the desired slots.
  • You will hear a snap sound, if your cartridges gets comforted on the allocated space and then attempt with printing works.

123.hp.com/ink cartridge installation

HP Deskjet 3730 Wireless Mobile Printing

It is very simple and secure to establish a connection to the product, which you use for printing in a direct approach. To enjoy the wireless mobile printing feature, make sure you connected your device by following the instructions and ensure that device is connected. Now you are ready to take the printouts by having a secure connection between your mobile and to the 123 hp dj3730 printer connected.

HP Deskjet 3730 Airprint Setup

Read the steps below, for enjoying the Airprint services and features with the Apple iOS and latest mobile OS:

  • You can begin your printing from iPhone or iPad over a wireless network easily with the Airprint services.
  • Ensure that your MAC and your printer is connected to Wi-Fi network for printing your file and then follow with the instructions for enhancing the Airprint services.
  • Now from your Printer dropdown, choose the name of your printer from the list and click on your HP Deskjet 3730 printer device.
  • If you’re not finding your printer name, add your 123.hp.com/setup 3730 printer device to the list by following the guide.
  • Once you added your printer, select your printer name and then drop down appears for you help virtually.
  • Make your Airprint is enabled, and now you are set to enjoy with your printing.

HP Deskjet 3730 ePrint Setup

Dj3730 ePrint Setup for Windows

  • You have to use the HP ePrint app supported on the HP Deskjet 3730 printer device, you can print files virtually.
  • To print the documents that are presented in the Cloud or in the other storage folders, you can use this ePrint enabled service on your printer.
  • You can also use the HP ePrint smart app to save time and to experience the vital printing features.

Dj3730 ePrint Setup for MAC

  • Do open the file or document, which you want to print.
  • From the file menu, choose print for printing the document and making it for further use.
  • Choosing the HP ePrint option from the dropdown of PDF, makes your HP ePrint software to get its opened.
  • ePrint or direct tab helps to choose your 123 hp setup dj3730 printer to get aligned with printer properties to make the amazing printouts.

HP Deskjet 3730 Cloud Print Setup

Follow with the unique steps below to get the cloud print setup for both windows and MAC.

Dj3730 Cloud Print Setup for Windows

  • Google Cloud Service is a free service that allows your printing to be effective in the form of Google account and its password.
  • Check whether your browser holds either chrome browser or embedded web server.
  • Register your HP Deskjet 3730 printer in chrome browser and then navigate to the settings option.
  • Manage your 123.hp.com/setup dj3730 Google cloud print under advanced settings and register your printer when the window prompts and press OK button at the end.

Dj3730 Cloud Print Setup for MAC

  • Examine whether your printer got already registered, if not follow the instructions to get registered.
  • Choose the document or photo( as you wish)which you want to print, then login to your account with valid username and password.
  • Choose the print option on the menu, for attempting prints.
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HP Deskjet 3730 Connectivity Setup

Wireless setup attracts many users by providing easy way of accessing files or document from anywhere. It sets the easy way of printing from tablets, android phones via a wireless direct setup. Also, it supports a distant printing, by mailing your files directly to the hp deskjet 3730 ePrint enabled printers. This saves your time by reducing the complexity of the printing works.

HP Deskjet 3730 Auto Wireless Connect

Do read the below steps for enhancing the HP Auto Wireless Connect for your HP Deskjet 3730 printer device.

Step 1: Dj3730 Compatibility

  • Choose the compatible software for the installation process over a active network, as it matches the requirements.
  • Either choose wired or wireless connection for the oriented network to support the compatibility for the software.

Step 2: Software installation for HP Dj3730 Printer

  • Double click on the printer software to open and get it installed on your computer, once you have done with compatibility.
  • Then check whether your HP Deskjet 3730 printer device is on ready or active state.
  • Now, you have to reach the network by following the instructions displayed on the onscreen and then choose the desired connection type.
  • Now your 123 hp dj3730 printer device will get connected automatically to the active wireless network.

Step 3: Dj3730 Wireless Printer setup

  • You have to attempt printing jobs, by choosing the file which you want to print and then modify the printer properties.
  • Just load the enough papers into the tray and choose the number of copies you need printouts.
  • Finally, click on with the print option to take the qualified printouts.
HP Deskjet 3730 WPS Setup

Kindly follow the steps below foe enhancing this WPS Setup on your HP Deskjet 3730 printer device:

Step 1: Dj3730 Printer software installation

  • Be sure, that you have already installed your printer driver software, and double click on it to get opened.
  • If it suggests you with any updated software, do it else follow the instructions for the installation of printer driver software for your hp deskjet 3730 printer device to enable the WPS button.

Step 2: Dj3730 Wireless Setup

  • For establishing the printer setup, go the control panel on your printers.
  • Now you have to choose the desired network name, by following the setup option and then windows prompts you to choose the push button.
  • You have to press the 123.hp.com/dj3730 WPS button on the router for at least 3 seconds and notice whether your device gets connected or not.
  • If you notice the wireless light glowing steadily, then your 123 HP Deskjet 3730 printer device is connected successfully.

Step 3: Dj3730 Pushbutton mode

  • Before knowing about the pushbutton, note that your network only notices the WPA or WPA2 Security.
  • Check whether your HP Deskjet 3730 printer device and your router supports the WPS button.
  • Default settings will make use of manufacturer’s network name, so alter it by doing necessary modifications and then do it with your own settings.
  • Then press WPS button on both router and printer.
HP Deskjet 3730 Wireless Setup Wizard

Step 1: Dj3730 Printer Software install

  • Select your network and then enter the name and password for the network, if it prompts.
  • Download and install the printer software either from CD
  • Then it will display you the list of IP’s and also prompts you to choose the IP of your Computer.
  • Feed your IP address to add your HP Deskjet 3730 printer to the computer and also to get listed in the printer queue.

Step 2: Dj3730 Wireless Setup

  • For starting off with the printer setup process, move to the control panel of 123.hp.com/setup 3730 printer device for choosing the wireless setup
  • It will take you to the settings option, from where you have to choose the wireless setup wizard option.
  • Now window display you to the list of available routers, and request you to choose your router.
  • Enter your password for authentication and then wait for few seconds to add your HP Deskjet 3730 printer device to the list.
  • Now your Printer gets added to the list successfully and follow the onscreen instructions for completing the whole process setup.

123.hp.com/wireless protected setup

HP Deskjet 3730 Wireless Setup

Wireless Setup relies on the manual which involves the setup carried through the same active network to be very impressive with printing works, scanning, copying, etc. Only the initial setup needs to be taken care, once you done with your setup, definitely you will never have mind to switch to other setups. With the help of manual or from 123.hp.com/setup 3730 the wireless setup.

Dj3730 Wireless Setup For Windows