HP Deskjet 3732 Printer Setup

HP Deskjet 3732 comes at stylish look and affordable price. if you are purchased this stunning machine for your domestic purpose, then you are awesome at decision making. This HP Deskjet 3732 printer prints at super speed which you may never expect at this cost. 123.hp.com/dj3732 also allows you to proceed with print, scan, copy and web features

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Dj3732 Printer Setup

The first time printer setup is easier than you assume, people may demand others support for this set up process. If you have any thought of dialing up technicians kindly drop the plan and simply follow our guidance and trust yourself

Dj3732 Driver Install

The driver installation process makes you to do the entire printing work, you can’t proceed with your daily printing job if you haven’t installed this driver or any problem accrued. Literally Driver software is the core of your Printer

Dj3732 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is the process of discovering and resolving issues. Many uses to get confuse and panic when they found issue with their HP Deskjet 3732 printer. When you don’t knowledge about your printer you may that the problem is huge, so try to get knowledge with our guidance

HP Deskjet 3732 First Time Printer Setup

HP Deskjet 3732 Printer Setup

Step 1: Remove the Dj3732 Printer from the Box

  • Initially you ought to take off your HP Deskjet 3732 printer from the package
  • Though its only 3.5kg, you don’t need any other mates for the support
  • You should eradicate all the safety package material which comes with the package of your HP Deskjet 3732 printer

Step 2: Connect the Dj3732 into the Power Cord

  • From the rear side of your HP Deskjet 3732 printer there will be a power cord with the plastic protection, try to remove the plastic
  • Now try to plug it to the nearby power socket and switch on the power source
  • Now you must check your 123 hp dj3732 printer by turning ON

Step 3: Install the Dj3732 Ink Cartridges

  • There will a door for ink cartridge at the mid region of your HP Deskjet 3732 printer, slightly open it and wait till it goes idle
  • Then insert the cartridges to their respective slots

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Step 4: Install the Dj3732 Printer Software

  • The most important step is installing the printer software. It’s important because with this software you can access wireless printing, ePrinting and Cloud printing
  • You can find this software at any platform but it’s safe to install from the 123.hp.com/setup 3732

123.hp.com Dj3732 Services

Dj3732 First Time Setup

Everything is easy and accessible to those who have knowledge about that, like wise first time printer setup is simple. If you think you don’t know about your HP Deskjet 3732 printer quietly get our guidance and try to proceed

Dj3732 Driver Download

Downloading driver plays a vital role in HP Deskjet 3732 printer. If once you downloaded this Driver you can completely enjoy the printing job in several methods. You can find this Driver from the 123 HP Deskjet 3732 Setup

Dj3732 USB Setup

To benefit with this setup, you should make use the genuine USB cable which you got from the package of HP Deskjet 3732 printer. The one end of the cable must be connected to your printer and other end to the computer

Dj3732 Wireless Setup

The wired process is kind of boring when you compare with the easily accessible wireless connection. If you willing to proceed with wired process in this era, you must try to update yourself and you will never get into wired process further.

Dj3732 HP Mobile Print

What if you can do print your personal stuffs from your mobile without involving other storage remote device? Exciting! It is possible with your HP Deskjet 3732 printer if you install the HP Mobile Print application to your mobile phone

Dj3732 Features Setup

HP Deskjet 3732 printer is the smallest all in one HP instant. You can access HP mobile print, ePrint, Mono LCD display HP snapshots app, HP Wireless Direct Prinitng, WiFi, HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint, and works with low power consumption

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HP Deskjet 3732 Driver Installation

To install this Driver software your computer should meet some criteria. Your computer should run with the later window7 OS. You ought to install the software and driver from 123.hp.com/dj3732, if once you downloaded it; the installer could easily finds the Driver and direct you to the installation setup. If your system is installed with any other driver, you must remove that

HP Deskjet 3732 Driver Install For Windows

Before getting into the process of installation, check with your computer OS, if it’s early Window 7 you can’t install this Driver. To proceed further you should upgrade your Window

  • Initially you should check with your Devices and printers, if you find any other installed drivers you must remove that
  • Then connect your computer with a high speed internet connection to download the driver and software without any issues
  • Before you download the Driver you should check whether it’s belongs to your printer, if not the installation process will get fail
  • Then open your browser ( preferably Chrome ), go the 123.hp.com/setup 3732 and download the Printer download
  • Once the driver is downloaded installer will easily finds the software and it will direct you to the installation setup
  • if you can’t download it try to delete the downloaded Driver and try to reinstall the Driver and software

HP Deskjet 3732 Driver Install For MAC

The HP Printer Driver installation process for Mac is almost similar to the process of window. Before get into the installation process you must check with the OSX of your Mac. If it runs with early 10.7 you can’t access or install the Driver setup

  • Now try to connect your Mac computer to the network in right bandwidth and check the strength of network
  • Now try to open your browser (Eg. Google Chrome) and type 123 hp com dj3732, now you can find the downloader of the HP Printer Driver
  • Click the download option to download the HP Printer Driver to your Mac computer
  • Once you downloaded the HP Printer driver from the hp deskjet 3732 installer will automatically finds the Driver and direct you to installation
  • If your Mac has any other Driver rather than HP Deskjet 3732 printer, you ought to remove that
  • Then try again to install the HP Printer Driver manually

HP Deskjet 3732 Ink Cartridge Installation

To get your ink cartridges to fix successfully in HP DeskJet 3732 Printer device, perform the below process:

  • HP Deskjet 3732 printer comes with two standard sized ink cartridge, black and tri color. To install the cartridge you should try to remove all the packing material on the ink cartridge
  • You should not hold your Ink cartridge at copper strip or at the nozzle, either try to hold it at the black plastic surface
  • Now try to open the door of your ink cartridge. Once you opened the door, you must be calm for few seconds till your printer turn idle, because generally printers use to make noise when you open the cartridge door
  • Then insert the black ink cartridge to the black slot and try to lock, hold for a moment
  • Then try to insert the tri color ink cartridge to the tri color slot and lock the cartridge
  • Wait if your hp deskjet 3732 printer make noise, then close the door of the ink cartridge

123.hp.com/ink cartridge installation

HP Deskjet 3732 Wireless Mobile Printing

Wireless mobile print is a new age printing style; it’s easy to print via mobile. Once you made a setup for this wireless mobile printing you can make unlimited transformation from soft copy to hard copy. You can print your personal documents and photos from your mobile without any support of external storage devices. It will be safe and secure

HP Deskjet 3732 Airprint Setup

Most of the budget printer may not come with this significant specification. Lucky are those who choose this HP Deskjet 3732 printer. Though it supports web and wireless connectivity you can enjoy this Air printing

  • To avail this Airprint you must iPhone or iPad or iPod above ios 4.1
  • It’s easy to continue with this Airprint for domestic and official purpose
  • Before getting into the process you must connect your HP Deskjet 3732 printer to the high speed router in right bandwidth
  • Then your iPhone must be connected to the same network where the hp deskjet 3732 printer is connected
  • If your printer has any USB type connection you must attempt to remove that
  • Now select a picture from your iPhone and open the airdrop or share option, down to that you may get some options. From that you ought to select the print option and choose the new by Airprint enabled printer to proceed with the print configuration

HP Deskjet 3732 ePrint Setup

From this ePrint, you can print any documents or picture from everywhere if you own an internet connection. The making of this ePrint is not tough as you guess, maybe its tough when you don’t have knowledge about your HP Deskjet 3732 printer. If you follow our guidance you will never say the word ‘tough”

Dj 3732 ePrint Setup for windows and Mac

  • To benefit the ePrint from your Window you should install the Printer Driver from the 123.hp.com/setup 3732. For Mac you should install the ePrint software from 123.hp.com/dj3732
  • Then you must activate or turn on the Web services from your Window computer
  • Once the Web service is turned on, your HP Deskjet 3732 printer will tend to print a default configuration sheet
  • From that you may get to know the URL and I’D of your HP Deskjet 3732 printer which is efficient to do ePrint

HP Deskjet 3732 Cloud Print Setup

To proceed with this Cloud print your system should have installed the Google Chrome software, may be you can also use other browser too, but it would be simple if you carry on with Chrome

Dj3732 Cloud Print Setup for Windows

  • To benefit this cloud print from your Window, you must have a spam free Google account.
  • From your Google account you should get into the settings, from that try to select the cloud print service and try to find the 123 hp dj3732 printer from the list of printer shown on the display

Dj3732 Cloud Print Setup for MAC

  • To benefit this cloud print from your Mac, you must have an error free private Google account. Probably use Google Chrome to get benefit this 123 hp dj3732 Cloud print
  • From your Google account try to select the settings and from that you can find the Cloud Print service
  • Once you selected it, you ought to choose your HP Deskjet 3732 printer from the list to proceed with the printing job
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Get help from our tech team and explore Call us Toll Free @ 1-844-554-2340
HP Deskjet 3732 Connectivity Setup

Initially you may feel tough to connect your 123.hp.com/dj3732 printer with the network or the router, but it’s just a onetime process which means you don’t want to do this installation setup often and it doesn’t go to disconnect itself unless you interfere. Once you made a connection you can access the several benefits like ePrint, Cloud Print, Airprint and mobile Print

HP Deskjet 3732 Auto Wireless Connect

Step 1: Dj3732 Compatibility

  • To proceed further, initially you must connect your system to the wireless network or router
  • After this process you should check with the router’s strength, if it’s weak you must relocate your system near to the router

Step 2: Software installation for HP Dj3732 Printer

  • To enjoy the wireless feature of your HP Deskjet 3732 printer you must complete with some software installation process
  • You can find the necessary software form the 123 hp deskjet 3732 printer Once you downloaded the Driver and software the installer will automatically finds the downloaded software and redirect you to the installation process

Step 3: Dj3732 Wireless Printer setup

  • From your HP Deskjet 3732 printer you ought to select 123.hp.com wireless hard key and from that down menu select the settings
  • Between make sure about your router’s WPA or WPS security and software
  • Now try to find your network name from the list and wait for few minutes
  • After a moment try to proceed to print from your system using wireless connection or network
HP Deskjet 3732 WPS Setup

Step 1: Dj3732 Printer software installation

  • WPS setup requires a software to be installed, you can easily find the software for your 123 hp deskjet 3732 printer
  • Once you downloaded the setup, the installer will direct you to the installation process
  • If the software is not getting install, try to delete the downloaded software and re download it with correct model number HP Deskjet 3732 printer

Step 2: Dj3732 Wireless Setup

  • Your printer comes with the WPS pushbutton and if you have any issue with that you may not able to make the setup
  • Then check with your router, if must have the same type of pushbutton
  • Then try to position your hp deskjet 3732 printer near to the router ( within the bandwidth of your router )

Step 3: Dj3732 Pushbutton mode

  • Pushbutton helps you in the connection of your HP Deskjet 3732 printer and computer with WPS
  • Now try to press the hard pushbutton from your router and then press the 123.hp.com/setup 3732 WPS hard key at the HP Deskjet 3732 printer

Note: if you take more than 2minutes to press the router’s pushbutton, there will be some connection issue, so try to press early

HP Deskjet 3732 Wireless Setup Wizard

Step 1: Dj3732 Printer Software install

  • Before you instigate this process you must try to install the printer software from net, if you couldn’t find the software try to get guidance from us by the call service which you can easily finds at this screen
  • If you downloaded the software the installation process will not be that must hard, if you follow the onscreen instruction

Step 2: Dj3732 Wireless Setup

  • Be familiar with your network’s name and all WPS or WPA passwords before get into the process
  • From your printer try to get into the wireless settings and then select 123.hp.com/setup dj3732 wireless setup wizard
  • Once you selected the wireless setup wizard it use to displays the entire available networks list from that you ought to select the preferable network which you own with WPS
  • If your network is not shown in the list, allow your printer to print the wireless network print report and from that you may likely sort out the issues

123.hp.com/wireless protected setup

HP Deskjet 3732 Wireless Setup

You can do enjoy this wireless setup from both the Mac and Windows computer, if you own a Mac the OSX must be later 10.7 and it must be later window 7 for the window OS. Once you made this setup you can enjoy the unlimited printing scheme without any interruption, don’t fear to setting up things

Dj3732 Wireless Setup For Windows

Follow the steps mentioned below, for setting the wireless setup for windows:

  • Initially try to connect your computer to the wireless network with the strong bandwidth. If you face any issue with the connection mean try to get connect with us by opening the chat or call option you find from this screen
  • If your network doesn’t have any WPS or WPA security system try to provide it and remember
  • Then try to download the Driver and software from 123.hp.com/dj3732 Once it got downloaded try to install.
  • While you install the driver you may ask to select the connection type. From that you have to select the wireless as the network type
  • Then try to select the wireless setup wizard from your HP Deskjet 3732 printer. From that you will get a list of network name
  • Try to select the network which you have access
Dj3732 Wireless Setup For MAC
  • First of all try to connect your Mac computer to the wireless network with strong bandwidth
  • Then check with your WPS or WPA. If it’s not available you must secure your network from other hands
  • Now open your browser and go to 123 hp setup dj3732 to download the HP Printer Driver, once it get downloaded your installer or HP easy scan will finds it automatically
  • On the installation process you should select the connectivity type as wireless
  • Then you ought to get into the HP wireless setup wizard from your HP Deskjet 3732 printer and select your network
  • If you don’t find your network try to type on your own with proper upper and lower case
  • If you think this procedure is hard, try to pass your stress to us, we are here to clear all your printer oriented
HP Deskjet 3732 Troubleshooting
Dj3732 Printer is Offline for Windows

When you see issues with your HP Deskjet 3732 printer, try not to get panic. Instead just try to do troubleshoot with our technical guidance

Step 1: Check the default printer

  • The most important thing in troubleshooting is marking the trouble, you can do work with the problem only when you know about the actual problem
  • Here you will get the dialogue bar as “Printer is offline”. once you see this you should proceed with the below given instructions
  • Go to your window, search for the devices and printers.
  • Now select the printer and get into that
  • Then check with the default printer, if you see any other printer rather than the printer you ought to remove that and select 123.hp.com/setup 3732

Step 2: Restart your system and printer

  • Once you changed the default printer, your should save all the proceeding documents and try to turn off your computer
  • Then you must power off your HP Deskjet 3732 printer and unplug it entirely
  • Hold for a while with patience, then try to turn on your computer
  • After a moment try to plug your HP Deskjet 3732 printer and switch on the power
  • Now you may proceed with your printing job without any interruption
Dj3732 Printer Job Stuck in Printer Queue

This is very normal issue with the printers; try not to put-off your HP Deskjet 3732 printer if you find this dialogue box on the screen, either just try to solve the problem with our technical guidance

Step 1: Stop spooler from your window

  • Try to get into your window and search for the service option, from that down menu you ought to select the spooler option
  • Now try to open the subtopic of Spooler and select the stop option from the list
  • Then hold on for few minutes and proceed with the further steps which explained below

Step 2: Delete the existing files

  • When your system has huge catches, it may not respond in right manner so you must attempt to clear all the catches
  • Then try to clear all the existing saved file, it happens if your printer runs out of memory
  • Delete all the dot folders ( .exe)

Step 3: Restart the entire system and printer

  • If still your problems are not solved, you must attempt to turn off your system after saving all the documents
  • Then try to power off your HP Deskjet 3732 printer and then proceed with unplugging process
  • Wait for a moment and try to plug in 123.hp.com/dj3732 printer and power on
  • Now try to resume your printing work

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