HP Envy 7158 Printer Setup

Get your hands on the solid smooth finished printer which ultimately supports all your office and home works, completing your entire professional or academicals stuffs with affordable prints. Though being a multifaceted prototype it’s simple to operate and perform all in one features like Print, Scan, Copy and fax on your 123.hp.com/envy7158 printer device.

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Envy7158 Printer Setup

Setting up HP Envy 7158 is easy as you get it on your hands; with your fullest attention gently perform the printer setup without making any mistake. All you have to do is follow the manual or our technical guides on 123.hp.com Printer setup to experience its features.

Envy7158 Driver Install

In order to enjoy all you’re printing, scanning and all the features you should not forget the vital part of a printer setup, driver installation is a necessary obsession for the printer’s performance for grasping all the functions as an one step process.

Envy7158 Troubleshooting

Throw out your nervousness and worries away from you during the printer functional issues to our tech experts, seek supervision from our experts and follow the tips to sort out of the issue with the perfect solution.

HP Envy 7158 First Time Printer Setup

HP Envy 7158 Printer Setup

Step 1: Remove the Envy7158 Printer from the Box

  • Before opening the printer package stop being haste and gently remove the printer from the box, take action so as to be free of the packing materials and tapes from the outside of the printer.
  • Explore the interior of printer to clear out the plastic materials from the scanner bed and control panel boards.

Step 2: Connect the Envy7158 into the Power Cord

  • You will be able to find a power cord for the printer connection to the power source, stretch out the cord from your printer to a power source carefully.
  • Power up your HP Envy 7158 printer device and set the general preferences for the start up like Date, Time and region.

Step 3: Install the Envy7158 Ink Cartridges

  • Actively get your hands on the cartridge access door of your printer with tender mindset to insert the ink cart6ridges that is readily available on your printer box.
  • Remove the tapes from the cartridge with the orange cap twisted and then gently insert the ink cartridge into the respective slot, after insertion close the carriage access door.

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Step 4: Install the Envy7158 Printer Software

  • Install the software for your printer from 123.hp.com/setup 7158
  • Follow instruction on the screen for a successful installation.

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Envy7158 First Time Setup

Setting up your HP Envy 7158 printer for the first time? Be steady with your hands and place your printer on a right place with the effective power sources on the reach. Printer manuals have to be keenly followed from the basic printer power cord connection to the whole printer setup.

Envy7158 Driver Download

Driving your HP Envy 7158 printer to a successful completion with reaching out all the features cannot be accomplished without the driver installation, kindly download the driver compatible for your printer from 123.hp.com/envy7158 and install on respective operating systems.

Envy7158 USB Setup

Each and every printer sparks the printing startup with the USB setup after the driver installation; connect the USB cable provided with your printer device right after the persuasion provided the installer and then follow the procedures for a successful setup.


Envy7158 Wireless Setup

Ever dreamed of swaying a device remotely without the use of cables? It’s probably coming true by the wireless tech invention which is being used on the printer too. HP Officejet 7158 offers a wide range of wireless feature3 by setting up wireless for effortless printing jobs.

Envy7158 HP Mobile Print

By the time you set your printer you might have accessed your mobile phones for ‘n’ number of times thus HP Officejet 7158 printer makes the convenience of printing for the people from their mobile phones by simply connecting with the printer.

Envy7158 Features Setup

Elegant cost effective with no compromise on the quality is what the HP Envy 7158 printer’s foremost intention. Moving on with the print yields, it offers higher multiples of black prints for offices with the space saving design.

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HP Envy 7158 Driver Installation

The Significant part of installing driver for your HP Envy 7158 is simply carried out using the driver CD or software downloaded from 123 hp envy 7158, enjoy all around features of your printer on both Windows and MAC platforms by following the behests from downloading file till installation.

HP Envy 7158 Driver Install For Windows

Follow the guides for driver installation on Windows:

  • Get your to do list completed from ensuring printer connectivity to computer system property check for the driver installation.
  • Use the CD given with the product or download the HP Envy 7158 printer driver software from 123.hp.com/setup envy7158 website applicable to your Windows standards and configuration.
  • Before proceeding with the installation remove the USB cables and other connection from your computer to your printer.
  • Your downloaded file will be available in the Windows downloads folder, click the file from the folder to start the installation on your Windows operated computer.
  • Follow the installer instruction till the end carefully without making any mistake, the installer will prompt you to connect the USB cable during the installation, kindly complete the request and follow on screen instructions.
  • Use Windows automatic update option updating the driver automatically and choose the mode of print at the end of installation.

HP Envy 7158 Driver Install For MAC

Follow the guides for driver installation on your MAC:

  • Driver installation is comparably same as other on MAC from checking requirements till the software installation on your MAC, look for the CD to install on your MAC device or else download the software from 123.hp.com/setup 7158
  • Keeping the MAC compatibility and system preferences, download the appropriate driver software with all the updates.
  • Choose the system preferences from the apple menu to initiate the installation.
  • Look for your printer name in the system list if not add your printer by the help of print using option with an active network connection between printer and computer.
  • From the MAC dock find the driver file and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
  • At the end of installation you will be prompted to connect the USB cables and the mode of print, provide the mode of print as per your wish and do a test page print for the successful installation of driver.

HP Envy 7158 Ink Cartridge Installation

Follow the steps given below for the successful installation of ink cartridges on your printer device:

  • Explore the printer box for the ink cartridges provided along with it, handle the ink cartridges without getting it damaged.
  • Ensure the cartridge access door and slots are free from the tapes and other packing materials, with the gentle move remove the tapes from the ink cartridges that has to be inserted.
  • Touch only the sides of the cartridge without getting it clogged and then pull the orange tab present over the cartridge for inserting it into the dedicated slot.
  • Hit the Ink cartridge into the slot until it fits into the slot perfectly on your HP Envy 7158 printer. Follow the same process for the new ink cartridges installation and close the carriage door after the installation.
  • During the Ink cartridge installation final moments wait for the printer to stand still, if it makes any disruption allow it to get steady and complete the process after some time.

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HP Envy 7158 Wireless Mobile Printing

Computers are being squeezed into the size of our palms in the name of Smartphone with the most exciting feature of wireless technology, HP Envy 7158 printer has the potential feature of wireless options that allow you perform print functions from your mobiles phones through ePrint, Cloud print and Airprint setups

HP Envy 7158 Airprint Setup

Perform AirPrint functions from your apple devices like iphone, ipod and other by simply over the wireless network using the Airprint setup;

  • Make your printer ready for the Airprint setup, look at the MAC OS compatibilities and don’t let your printer go offline.
  • Connect your printer top the apple device using the WI-FI direct or HP Wireless Connect, if you have connected the printer using USB or Ethernet device kindly remove it.
  • Open the Document or Photo that you wish to print through the Airprint feature on your apple device, access the menu from the file and click the print option.
  • Access your printer’s control panel with a touch when your printer goes into sleep mode or offline as it causes connectivity issue during the setup.
  • Choose the printer and all other options like number of copies to be printed and mode of print whether color or Black prints from the configuration page
  • Click print option after providing the preferences and complete 123.hp.com/setup 7158 Airprint setup on HP Envy 7158 printer device.

HP Envy 7158 ePrint Setup

Envy7158 ePrint Setup for Windows

  • You need a Windows OS of higher versions for the ePrint setup on your HP Envy 7158 printer, make sure you got all the requirements before setting ePrint feature.
  • Steer into the control panel or embedded web services to turn ON the web services, hit on the ePrint enable option of HP Envy 7158 printer’s control panel.
  • A configuration page provides the email address of your 123.hp.com/setup 7158 printer to which the emails sent over for the print functions.

Envy7158 ePrint Setup for MAC

  • After completing the printer setup fulfill all the requirements for your MAC device with an active internet connection provided to the devices.
  • Web services have to be turned up and proliferate into the ePrint options on your printer’s control panel to enable ePrint.
  • Obtain the HP Envy 7158 printer’s email address and perform print from any device by simply the mailing the desired print documents over the network.

HP Envy 7158 Cloud Print Setup

Envy7158 Cloud Print Setup for Windows

  • Do have a Google account created for your printer and the latest chrome browser installed on your Windows for the cloud print setup.
  • Connect your Windows to an active internet connection and browse through the chrome browser for registering 123.hp.com/envy7158 on the Google cloud services.
  • Select your printer to register with a confirmation page printed for reference, now the cloud print setup of 123 hp setup envy7158 printer is ready.

Envy7158 Cloud Print Setup for MAC

  • Install the latest version chrome browser with the Google account for your printer signed in for the cloud setup on your Mac device.
  • Supply an active internet connection to surf the Google cloud print options for pursuing the registration on Google cloud services.
  • After registering the printer do print a confirmation page for the indication of successful registration on the cloud, perform a print using Google cloud and enjoy the services.
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HP Envy 7158 Connectivity Setup

Use a peerless router with the appropriate bandwidth of frequency connecting your HP Envy 7158 printer for the wireless network connection composed with all features from wireless protected setup to wireless connect using the WPA pushbutton present on the printer and the router device.

HP Envy 7158 Auto Wireless Connect

Step 1: Envy7158 Compatibility

  • Check the operating system compatibility for accessing HP Auto Wireless connect on your printer and hook up with the computer.
  • Choose the connection type either as Ethernet or Wireless with any special software’s installed on 123.hp.com/envy7158 printer for the usage.

Step 2: Software installation for HP Envy7158 Printer

  • Install the printer software for your HP Envy 7158 printer for experiencing the Auto Wireless Connect feature.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and connect the printer using the Auto connect feature, advance with sending the wireless settings to your printer.

Step 3: Envy7158 Wireless Printer setup

  • After the software installation proceed with wireless adapter settings in control and modify print settings.
  • Make sure your computer uses dynamic IP address and printer connected to the appropriate bandwidth frequency of Router.
  • You may face a temporary block in network while connecting; complete the wireless printer setup with a print for reference.
HP Envy 7158 WPS Setup

Step 1: Envy7158 Printer software installation

  • Choose the suitable software for your HP Envy 7158 printer model and proceed with the installation.
  • Download the faultless driver software as per the configuration you possess and click the file to install the software.

Step 2: Envy7158 Wireless Setup

  • All you need is a clean connection of your printer and computer to the network with every devices being switched ON.
  • For the wireless connection you don’t need any USB connection of the printer, if connected kindly remove it.

Step 3: Envy7158 Pushbutton mode

  • Ensure you router and printer has the WPS Pushbutton available on it for the WPS setup, also make sure the wireless network is WPA secured network type.
  • Provide a specific network name, don’t use the manufacturer’s name and without WPA or WPA2 security WPS won’t be functioning.
  • Press the WPS push button on the router and wait for minutes and then enable the pushbutton on the printers control board.
HP Envy 7158 Wireless Setup Wizard

Step 1: Envy7158 Wireless Setup

  • HP Envy 7158 offers Wireless setup Wizard function readily available on the printer’s touch control panel, before accessing that connect your printer to an active network.
  • Examine the printer’s control panel for 123.hp.com/setup 7158 Wireless Setup Wizard option by moving through the wireless options present on the control panel display.
  • Clicking the wireless setup wizard leads you to list of network names available in the range, from the list select your network name without change in the case characters and print for confirmation.

Step 2: Envy7158 Printer Software install

  • Download the printer software for the ideal execution of wireless setup wizard feature on your HP Envy 7158 printer.
  • Inspect the precise software for your printer model with the pattern compatible with your device and download the file from 123.hp.com
  • Click the file from downloads folder and run to use the wireless setup wizard for vital access of all wireless features.

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HP Envy 7158 Wireless Setup

Wireless setup for HP Envy 7158 printer requires quite complex steps that to be carried out manually, this influences the usage of devices remotely and perform printing and all other related functions through wireless means oaf mode resulting in decrease3ed time delay and ease of access

Envy7158 Wireless Setup For Windows

Follow the steps for setting up wireless on Windows:

  • Perform the basic printer setup for HP Envy 7158 on your windows and makes sure the router and computer devices are turned ON and synchronized for the wireless setup with router and computer connected to same network.
  • Access 123 hp setup envy7158 wireless setup wizard for the wireless setup activation and select the wireless option on your printer’s control panel to setup the wireless wizard.
  • It leads you with a network list, select your network name from the list displayed, If not available search the network name manually and select it.
  • Download the printer driver of HP Envy 7158 printer and complete the installation on your Windows for the wireless setup completion.
  • Installer requests you to choose the connection wireless or wired, choose the wireless type and follow the instruction.
  • Type in the passphrases to connect the network to the printer by providing the keys without change in the case characters.
Envy7158 Wireless Setup For MAC

Follow the steps for setting up wireless on MAC:

  • Connect the MAC device and HP Envy 7158 printer in the same network with accurate bandwidth to prevent distortion.
  • Enter your printer’s control panel and opt for the wireless option to access the wireless setup wizard which displays the lists of network available. From that select the network name of yours and continue by following the instructions.
  • If your network name is not present by hand provide the network name including the upper and lower case characters. Follow up the process only after you install the driver software on your MAC.
  • Select the wireless option as your connection type at the need of the driver installation and complete the installation, Provide the network name and password when prompted to connect to the wireless network.
  • Finally do print a document or photo using 123.hp.com/envy7158 wireless setup with all settings applied to check the performance of the printer.
HP Envy 7158 Troubleshooting
Envy7158 Printer is Offline for Windows

Follow the below steps to troubleshoot when your printer goes Offline on your windows:

  • The first step is to examine windows explorer for changing the settings of the device from the printers and devices option, for the normal function you have to choose the default printer option on the display.
  • Look for the green or grey colored present next to your printer and then proceed with the following printer settings options.
  • Open the file and select your printer, Click fix printing on the configuration windows appearing making it to it to restart after prompting.
  • Check for any check marks still present on the printer device of your Windows and use 123 hp envy7158 printer offline option.
  • If the printer moves into offline modify the defaulting print driver to the driver which has been installed originally.
  • Right click the name of the HP Envy 7158 printer from the devices and printers option to set it as the default printer.
Envy7158 Printer Job Stuck in Printer Queue

Follow the steps to overcome the print job stuck in print Queue issues:

  • Detaching the cables from the printer and system devices is the first thing you have to do when face these kinds of issues.
  • Turn off your HP Envy 7158 printer device and set the power cords and USB cables free from connection.
  • When you perform these steps never forget to save and have a backup of your print jobs as you might lose them during the process.
  • Jump into the services menu of the windows menu and turn down the spooler option, get rid off all the files that spacing up the memory of your device.
  • Try uninstalling the drivers and reinstall the latest drivers again on the device that clears the most possible issue.
  • Now turn ON your 123.hp.com/envy7158 printer and make ready for the printing. Open the print job to be printed and complete the process, the issue would be cleared with the successful prints.

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