Envy7645 Printer Setup

Realize various print functions with HP Envy 7645 Printer. It is a compact printer with all the printing features. Set up your brand new HP Envy 7645 Printer with guidelines from 123.hp.com/envy7645. This webpage offers complete assistance for your printer setup.


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Envy 7645 Printer Setup

The Envy 7645 Printer Setup refers to the hardware configuration. Stepwise instructions are available on 123.hp.com/setup 7645. You can also speak with our experts for an error-free setup.

Envy 7645 Driver Install

Install the latest driver to appreciate your printer functions. The driver download and installation process are very simple and easy. Call us for choosing the best driver for your printer model.

Troubleshooting for Envy 7645

Troubleshoot your minor and major printer issues with our technical assistance. Feel free to speak out your printer issues with our technical experts.

Envy 7645 First Time Printer Setup

Envy 7645 Printer Setup

Follow below steps for HP Envy 7640 setup instructions:

Step 1: Unpack the Envy 7645 Printer

  • In the first place, unpack the HP Envy 7645 printer and its accessories.
  • Secondly, place the printer on the rigid surface and next to the power supply.
  • Eventually, peel off the sealing tapes and materials from the printer.

Step 2: Power-up your Envy 7645

  • Next, connect the power cord from the printer to the power outlet.
  • Now, wait for some time and turn on the HP Envy 7645 printer.

Step 3: Install the original Envy 7645 Ink cartridges

  • Now, carry out the Envy 7645 ink cartridge installation.
  • Pull up the cartridge door and insert the new Envy 7645 ink cartridges into the slot.
  • Eventually, press firmly on the ink cartridges for perfect installation.
  • Once the cartridge installation is complete, close the cartridge door.
  • Then print the alignment page for checking the correctness of cartridge installation.

Step 4: HP Envy 7645 Driver Install

  • Wondering how to go about the driver installation? Then go with the below steps for HP Envy 7645 driver installation.
  • You will get the installation CD, at the time of purchase.
  • Now, insert the CD into the operating device.
  • Next, proceed with the steps available on 123.hp.com/envy7645 for installing it.
  • Eventually, you can use the browser to install the Envy 7645 Driver.
  • Therefore, go to the manufacturer site and download the appropriate Envy 7645 Driver.
  • Then, install the Envy 7645 Driver with the printer manual instructions.
  • Note: Before the download checks the compatibility of the driver with the OS.

Envy 7645 Printer Setup

      • Always use the original HP accessories for error free installation process
      • Being the first time setup, get the complete set of drivers and software from the direct link 123.hp.com/envy7645
      • DO NOT touch the copper contact heads on the HP ink cartridge as it will cause ink clot or ink leakage.
      • In case you face any issue, call our experts at 1-844-554-2340

HP Envy 7645 Tech-Services

HP Printer Setup Services

Get Technical Assistance For Envy 7645
Get help from our tech team and explore Call us Toll Free @ 1-844-554-2340

Envy 7645 Driver Installation

Specific driver & software is required for the efficient functioning of the printer. Now, you have to choose the best HP Envy 7645 driver. Eventually, upgrade the driver periodically for experiencing new features. Avail the direct driver links from 123.hp.com/envy7645.


Envy 7645 Driver Install For Windows

  • Before you start the installation, connect the devices with the same network.
  • After that, take the installation CD from the pack.
  • Note: Check the installation CD for any damages.
  • Now, insert the CD into the operating device and wait till it gets initiated.
  • Once the driver is initialized, follow the procedure from 123.hp.com/setup 7645.
  • Eventually, add the Envy 7645 printer to the device list.

Envy 7645 Driver Install For MAC

  • To begin with, establish a network connection for your Printer and device.
  • Then, move to the manufacturer official site for HP Envy 7645 driver download.
  • Next, type in the model name and click on the continue option.
  • Here, the screen will display the list of HP Envy 7645 drivers.
  • Eventually, select the best driver and download it.
  • At last, proceed with the installation steps to complete the installation.
        • Always use the direct link 123.hp.com/envy7645 for driver installation.
        • Install the complete set of drivers and software. Update it regularly for enhanced performance of HP Envy 7645 printer in the long run.
        • Unplug and replug the USB cable from the device (Windows/MAC) whenever the wizards prompts.
HP Envy 7645 Wireless Connectivity Setup

The proper connection between the devices ensures uninterrupted services. The below connectivity setup is made simple with steps from 123.hp.com/setup 7645. Go with any one of the methods for establishing the connection.

Envy 7645 Wireless Setup

Wireless Setup Wizard

  • With the wireless setup wizard, you can easily establish the connection between the devices.
  • First of all, get a stable network for connection.
  • Now, move to the HP Envy 7645 printer control panel.
  • Next, pick the network menu and then the wireless setup wizard.
  • Eventually, select the desired wireless network.
  • If you get the prompt to enter the password, then enter it.
  • At last, go with the screen instructions to complete it.

WPS Push Button Method

  • In the first place, connect the operating device with a stable wireless network.
  • Now, move to the HP Envy 7645 printer control panel.
  • Here, select the Network option. Then choose the Wi-Fi protected setup from the wireless menu.
  • After that select the WPS Push button option.
  • Next, press the WPS Push button on HP Envy 7645 printer.
  • Eventually, click on the WPS Push button on the wireless router.

 WPS Pin Method

  • Initially, establish a network connection for your operating device.
  • Next, go to the control panel of the HP Envy 7645 printer.
  • Now, select the Wireless option and eventually the Wi-Fi protected setup.
  • In this section, choose the WPS pin option.
  • After that, the screen will display the 8 digit WPS Pin.
  • Then, enter the WPS Pin code in the required field of the wireless router.
    • Never connect your HP Envy 7645 printer with a USB cable when setting up Wireless connection
Envy 7645 Wireless Setup - Windows and MAC

Wireless setup takes your effort only during the initial setup. After that, you can simply assign the print task from any place. The print job will be perfectly done by your HP Envy 7645 printer.

Envy7645 Wireless Setup For Windows
  • Firstly, visit the control panel section of the Windows device.
  • Secondly, select the HP Envy 7645 printer and explore the network section.
  • Thirdly, choose the wireless network section and enter the network details.
  • Sequentially, follow the printer manual instructions for a successful connection.
  • Finally, add the HP Envy7645 printer to the Windows device list.
Envy7645 Wireless Setup For MAC
  • Initially, ensure that the wireless network is stable without disturbance.
  • Then, explore the HP Envy 7645 printer network section.
  • Now, pick the wireless setup option.
  • Next, choose the preferred wireless network. And then enter the network credentials.
  • Eventually, configure the wireless setup with instructions from 123.hp.com/envy7645.
  • At last, manually add the printer device to a Mac device.

Sometimes you may need the compatible wireless drivers and software for Wireless Connection. Now install these from the HP direct link 123.hp.com/envy7645

Get Technical Assistance For Envy 7645
Get help from our tech team and explore Call us Toll Free @ 1-844-554-2340
Envy 7645 FAQs

HP Envy 7645 Printer - Printer Not Found During Driver Setup (Mac)

Rectify this error by resetting and modifying the printing settings and preferences. It might also occur due to some issue in the driver and software

HP Printers - Firewall Blocking Driver Install or Printer Function (Windows)

Sometimes your Firewall can block the HP drivers from installing. For this, you should disable the Firewall settings temporarily until the installation process is done. This error occurs during the HP Envy 7645 Printer setup process as the Windows firewall may consider HP Drivers as an external threat. To know more about hp printer firewall settings, Call us @ 18445542340

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