HP Officejet 3831 Printer Setup

HP Officejet 3831 printer device is highly recommended for small cluster of people working in a home office or small office groups. It is designed in a compact size to demand professional printing with its functions to support end users available under 123.hp.com/oj3831 Enjoy a qualified printing work at affordable price.

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Printer Setup

HP Officejet 3831 Printer device includes elegant steps from unboxing to printing work to comfort you by effortless setting. Find a beset place to affix your printer along with its accessories to accomplish your printing, scanning, copying and faxing.

Driver Install

Driver Install is the key factor, which helps your printer to get boosted with the maximum advanced features. Also, installing the full feature of the 123.hp.com driver software helps your printer to attain the maximum stability for your printer functions.


Dealing with the printer issues with the help of technical advice from HP, if needed we will provide technical service in a virtual environment to solve and make your 123 HP Officejet 3831 Printer device to be productive with its functions.

HP Officejet 3831 First Time Printer Setup

HP Officejet 3831 Printer Setup

Step 1: Removing the printer from the printer box:

  • Handle a printer box safely to remove the HP Officejet 3831 Printer device from a box and fix it in a smooth flat surface.
  • Remove all the tapes from the printer and the accessories.

Step 2: Connect the plug into the power cord:

  • Now you have to connect the one side of the cable to the back of 123 hp oj3831 printer and other to the power source.
  • After, connect your printer device and the computer and also check whether the connection is free from disturbances.

Step 3: Install the Ink Cartridges:

  • Open the cartridge access door in the printer and remove the tapes from the slots and cartridges to save time for installation.
  • Then you have to push the ink cartridge gently, until it gets locked safely.

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Step 4: Install the Printer Software:

  • Installing the printer software will make you feel impressed with your printing tasks from your HP Officejet 3831 Printer device.
  • Visit 123.hp.com/setup 3831, to choose the appropriate printer software to get installed on your device.

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Officejet3831 First Time Setup

First Time Printer setup takes some time to set your printer carefully by following the instructions. Keenly, rely on the manual to set your printer safely to feel more magnified with your printing works from HP Officejet 3831 Printer device.

Officejet3831 Driver Download

Driver download for your printer device will make your printer to enjoy the maximum feature that the driver supports. Simply, type your printer on the HP easy scan start and downloads to get driver and double click on it to download.

Officejet3831 USB Setup

Generally, USB will help you to port the packages to extend the stability of the features to be supported on your device. Use only the required USB port for connecting the USB cable for downloads, etc on your printer.

Officejet3831 Wireless Setup

Wireless setup is the most admirable steps, loved by many users. This includes the printing the file ubiquitously, by establishing the necessary settings for the wireless setup. Initial setting alone need to be taken care, to enjoy with your printing jobs.

Officejet3831 HP Mobile Print

HP Mobile Printing offers the various services such as ePrint, AirPrint, Mopria, cloud setup, which expect the user to enable the particular setting to avail, printing the documents from your smart mobile connected to your HP Officejet 3831 Printer device.

Officejet3831 Features Setup

HP Officejet 3831 Printer device enhance the features to extend its wide support to rely on your remarkable printing, etc. This printer is highly recommended for office group, for enhancing professional quality in a space saving with a compact design.

Get Technical Assistance For Officejet 3831
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HP Officejet 3831 Driver Installation

To enjoy with the best usage for your HP Officejet 3831 Printer device, you will have to install the driver on both of your windows and MAC. It is noted, you have to follow some certain instructions wisely, to download your 123.hp.com/oj3831 driver to be installed with its extended features support.

HP Officejet 3831 Driver Install For Windows

Follow with the below steps to install the driver on your windows:

  • Before starting, check with your internet connection whether you have the constant access.
  • You may also visit the 123.hp.com/setup 3831 to know more about the driver installation and double click on it gently to get it installed.
  • Click on the driver download that suits your OS, and then gently click OK and wait for few seconds until it displays the message.
  • It will ask you to confirm with the process, by ensure the confidentiality, and you must have to agree with the terms and policies.
  • After downloading, you will to install it on your computer by running it on your computer to support the 123 HP Officejet 3831 Printer device.
  • Grant the permissions for the driver to get updates to be notified.
  • Also, update the windows, whenever required and keep your 123 hp setup oj3831 printer to be accompanied with the trending features.

HP Officejet 3831 Driver Install For MAC

Just read the steps, while installing the driver on your MAC computer:

  • It is similar to the driver install on windows, but you should have the Apple software on your computer to proceed further.
  • Next you will have to move to system preferences option in the apple menu to begin with the driver installation on your MAC computer.
  • Now, you have to check whether your 123 hp setup oj3831 Printer device, is being listed in the printer’s list, else not you will have to add printer by following the steps.
  • With the help of Use or Print using option, you can also find your printer name.
  • Check whether your 123 HP Officejet 3831 Printer device and the computer are connected to the same active network.
  • Click on the install option available under the driver installation for Mac device, and wait until it gets downloaded.
  • After downloading, gently run it on your Printer device.

HP Officejet 3831 Ink Cartridge Installation

Follow the steps below for installing the ink cartridge successfully on your HP Officejet 3831 Printer device:

  • Initially, you have to check the cartridge access door whether the slots are free from tapes and ready for installation.
  • Just remove the protective tapes from the ink cartridge.
  • Now you have to hold your printer device carefully by handling the sides, bring your ink cartridge towards the access door.
  • Touch only the black plastic portion of the cartridge to fix your ink cartridges on to the specified slots of the access door on your 123 hp officejet 3831 Printer device.
  • Touching the other portions of your ink cartridge may results in clog, so please touch only the prescribed portion.
  • Push the ink cartridges into the slots, until it gets locked well into the access door for your HP Officejet 3831 Printer device.
  • Now, once you have fixed the ink cartridges, gently close the access door and then load papers to printing the files.

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HP Officejet 3831 Wireless Mobile Printing

Mobile printing helps you to print documents from anywhere by connecting your android phones, tablets connected over the network. Also, you can print your files remotely by sending your files to the ePrint enabled service in the form of email. Ensure that your 123 hp oj3831 Printer and mobile connected to the same network

HP Officejet 3831 Airprint Setup

For the Airprint Setup, you will have to proceed with the below steps for enhancing it avail the services on your HP Officejet 3831 Printer device:

  • As a very first step, you just have to check whether your printer is in ON state. If it is not in active state, you have to wake up your printer from the sleep mode, and proceed with the further steps.
  • After getting your HP Officejet 3831 Printer device to the active state, choose the file or document which you wish to print.
  • Next, you will have to choose the action option to move on with printing options, as it differs for every printer setup to enable the 123.hp.com/setup oj3831 AirPrint option.
  • Choose the print option, which depends on the type of 123 hp oj3831 printer, followed by that you will have to choose the printer option from the list displayed.
  • As per your choice, you will have to alter the print settings by choosing the number of copies, and then click on the print option to print your files.

HP Officejet 3831 ePrint Setup

In order to enable the ePrint service for both MAC and Windows, follow the below steps:

ePrint Setup For Windows:

  • For this, you have to check whether you have the active internet connection to meet the requirements for this setup.
  • Navigate to the control panel or else visit the web services for setting up further.
  • Send your mail in a secured way to the printer, and make sure that ePrint service enabled on the printer to get your files printed.
  • You have to turn on your web services for your 123 HP Officejet 3831 Printer device.

ePrint Setup For MAC:

  • Surf to the 123.hp.com/oj3831 and make sure that you have installed the chrome browser on your computer.
  • Choose the latest firm of the software to enhance with the ePrint features of your  Printer device.
  • Choose the file, which you wish to print and then enable the HP ePrint option.
  • It will help you to discover the network for connecting your printer.

HP Officejet 3831 Cloud Print Setup

For experiencing the Google web services, you will have to authenticate your setup by following below steps:

Cloud Print Setup For Windows:

  • To become familiar with the Google services, you will have to register your printer to the Google cloud services.
  • Make sure you have installed a chrome browser and then locate to the advanced option on your computer to manage with 123 HP Officejet 3831 Printer device.
  • Double click on the printer to register your device and finally click OK to confirm the whole setup by configuring the cloud print setup on Windows.

Cloud Print Setup For MAC:

  • First, you have to check whether you have installed the Chrome browser, and register your printer on the Google cloud printer.
  • Now, check with your 123 HP Officejet 3831 Printer device is listed under the printer names, if not follow the steps gently for adding your printer to the list.
  • Now, you are ready to choose a file, photo or document from the folder and send to 123.hp.com/setup 3831 printer for further printing.
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Get help from our tech team and explore Call us Toll Free @ 1-844-554-2340
HP Officejet 3831 Connectivity Setup

To avail with services of different setup, you will have to hold a connection between your computer and the device in such a way that they are connected to the same active network. It helps to reduce time, if you have secured proper connection between the printer and the computer.

HP Officejet 3831 Auto Wireless Connect

Step 1: Compatibility:

  • Check your compatibility in the form of windows and MAC OS X, by choosing firm software to ensure compatibility.
  • After, you will have to choose the connection type in the form of wired and wireless connection.

Step 2: Software Installation of the HP Printer:

  • Once you have ensured compatibility, click on the HP printer software to open and install it on your computer.
  • Press the power button to turn on your 123.hp.com/setup 3831 Printer device.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions carefully to wisely choose the connection type for connecting through the network.
  • Now you have to choose the auto connect to connect your HP Officejet 3831 Printer device automatically to the network.

Step 3: Wireless Printer Setup:

  • After checking with compatibility and software installation, you will have to modify your printer settings to print the files.
  • Load the paper for printing the documents from 123 HP Officejet 3831 Printer device.
HP Officejet 3831 WPS Setup

Step 1: Wireless Printer Software Installation:

  • Choose the printer software and double click on it gently to begin the software installation.
  • Be sure, your printer driver software is the latest upgraded version and now proceed further for enabling the WPS button.

Step 2: Wireless Printer Setup:

  • Move to the control panel in 123 hp oj3831 Printer device for choosing the desired network name.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions, whatever the windows prompt you for a WPS setup.
  • Press the WPS button for about 3 seconds in the wireless router.
  • If HP Officejet 3831 Printer device is connected successfully, you will notice the light glowing.

Step 3: Pushbutton mode:

  • Examine whether your printer and the router both support the WPS button for WPS Setup.
  • Physically touch the WPS button with the networks of WPA or WPA2 security.
  • Don’t use your manufacturer name, and then start the WPS button on both router and the printer.
HP Officejet 3831 Wireless Setup Wizard

Step 1: Wireless Printer Software:

  • Before beginning with the process, just check whether your HP Officejet 3831 Printer device is connected to the active network.
  • With the reference of CD/DVD, follow the onscreen instructions for installing the printer so