HP Officejet 4658 Printer Setup

The Officejet 4658 is the best home printer with a variety of features. You can download the recent HP Officejet 4658 drivers, software, and firmware using the detailed instructions. Get the manual and guidance from our experts.

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HP Officejet 4658 Printer Setup

The most important step after the purchase is Officejet 4658 printer setup. Now, extract a complete set of drivers from the manufacturer site. You can also reach our expert to get the complete setup guide.

OJPro6978 Driver Download

The printer function is mainly depended on the effective deskjet drivers that you download. Always choose upgraded drives for many features. If you have drivers already, you can update them.

OJPro6978 Troubleshooting

In general, the electronic device may give some errors due to the wear and tear. But the errors are so easy to fix when you follow our guide. Even you can use the HP Utility Tools from the manufacturer site to fix the errors.

HP Officejet 4658 First Time Printer Setup

HP Officejet 4658 Printer Setup

Step 1: Remove the Printer from the Box

  • The hp Officejet 4658 printer setup is the first step that you need to complete.
  • Now, select a clean and flat surface for your hp Officejet 4658 printer.
  • Then, take off every packaging material from the printer box.
  • Next, lift the device and place it on the selected space.
  • And also, verify the accessories of the printer and connect accordingly.

Step 2: Connect the Plug into the Power Cord

  • At first, find the power cord from the package and proceed to power connection.
  • Now, plug in the power cord to the necessary port and electrical source.
  • Next, switch on the printer for getting sufficient power supply.
  • Note: It is always recommended to connect to the direct power supply for error-free connection.
  • At last, check the printer’s connection with the power outlet.

Step 3: Install the Ink Cartridges and papers

  • The vital step in the hp Officejet 4658 setup is ink cartridge and paper installation.
  • To insert papers, extend the paper tray and stack papers in the tray. And, close it.

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  • Now, unlock the ink access door of the printer while the printer is working.
  • Next, unpack the ink cartridge by removing the wrappers and orange pull tab.
  • Later, insert the ink cartridge in the printer and snap it in place properly.
  • Then, close the ink access door and wait for the alignment page.

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Officejet4658 First Time Setup

The first time setup guide for the printer is here with simple and quick steps. Just in a click, enable the advanced features by downloading the latest software and drivers.

Officejet4658 Driver Download

When you try to boost the printer performance, you have to be sure about the hp Officejet 4658 drivers. Get help from our experts and find the drivers that extend the print quality.

Officejet4658 USB Setup

The classic way of connecting the printer with other devices is USB. Here is the guidance that you are searching for a USB connection setup. With proper USB setup steps, just do it like a pro.

Officejet4658 Wireless Setup

What is your preferred method for connection? If you choose wireless connectivity, then it is an ideal choice. Choose the wireless router and connect it with our setup guidance.

Officejet4658 HP Mobile Print

With the latest HP Mobile Print, you can take printouts from an Android or iOS device. Just to make printing and other related works easy, download and install the HP Mobile Print.

Officejet4658 Features Setup

For every printer model, there is a specified set of features. You need to complete the driver setup for the printer to gain targeted features. What’s more? Finish it in a jiffy.

Get Technical Assistance For Officejet 4658
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HP Officejet 4658 Driver Installation

For any basic and add-on features, you should download the driver from the download page. Or, call us to get the complete tech assistance for downloading the drivers. Our experts will explore and download the driver for your Officejet 4658 device.

HP Officejet 4658 Driver Install For Windows

  • For Officejet 4658 install on Windows, you can download drivers from the CD or website.
  • Usually, the CD/DVD will offer only the basic driver set whereas the download page has full drivers.
  • To find the latest drivers for the printer, you can call us at the displaying number.
  • Once you have started to download the driver, run the setup wizard.
  • While you run the wizard, you will get the instructions on the screen for the driver setup.
  • The recommended Windows OS version: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 10, and Windows 8.1.
  • Note: You should not try to connect the USB cable until you the prompt to so.

HP Officejet 4658 Driver Install For MAC

  • Firstly, find the latest iOS version to connect with the Officejet 4658 printer.
  • Now, select either CD/DVD or direct link to download the latest HP Officejet 4658 printer drivers.
  • Initiate the driver download using the Download option.
  • Then, run the AutoRun file to install the Officejet 4658 drivers. For downloading the drivers, you will get the on-screen instructions.
  • Note: After completing the driver download, you can modify the settings.
  • Tip: Proceed to connect the USB cable when the wizard asks.
  • The suggested Mac versions: OS X v10.10, OS X v10.11, and OS X v10.12.
Get Technical Assistance For Officejet 4658
Get help from our tech team and explore Call us Toll Free @ 1-844-554-2340
HP Officejet 4658 Connectivity Setup

Are you going to connect the printer to the wireless network? If yes, then you can select any one method according to your convenience. It is always an easy way to use WPS PIN and WPS Pushbutton.

HP Officejet 4658 Auto Wireless Connect
  • To begin with, choose either Mac or Windows device.
  • As usual, check the specification and download the hp Officejet 4658 drivers.
  • Select the deskjet drivers as per the printer model and OS.
  • Now, install the drivers according to the printer instructions.
  • On the connection screen, select the Auto Wireless Connect.
HP Officejet 4658 WPS Setup

WPS PIN method:

  • The WPS PIN method allows you to connect through the wireless mode.
  • Firstly, go to the Settings on the printer panel.
  • Now, select the Connections option and then choose Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  • Once WPS Setup is initiated, you need to enter 8-digit WPS PIN to get connected.


WPS Pushbutton mode:

  • Avail the wireless router to start the Officejet 4658 WPS setup.
  • At first, activate the WPS pushbutton on the printer control panel.
  • While enabling, you need to press and hold the WPS button for a few seconds.
  • Initially, the wireless light will blink and then it will start to glow continuously.
  • Later, press the WPS button on the router and wait for the LED to glow.
  • Lastly, it confirms the wireless connection after a while.
HP Officejet 4658 Wireless Setup Wizard
  • Firstly, you have to power on the printer after the basic Officejet 4658 printer setup.
  • Next, get the network name and password for the selected network.
  • Now, unplug any USB cable connected to the printer device.
  • Then, find the Wireless icon on the printer panel and hit it gently.
  • Once you click on it, you will be redirected to the Wireless Setting.
  • Click on it to find the Wireless Setup Wizard. To find the available networks, you can click on it.
  • At this time, select the network and put a valid password.
HP Printer Setup
HP Officejet 4658 Wireless Setup

HP Officejet 4658 endeavors you with the ultimate invention of wireless feature that can be set up in a matter of screen taps, with the all around convenience 123.hp.com wireless setup can be completed in a short time on all operating system platforms. Perform wireless printing from any device with the help wireless connection using an active network.

Wireless Setup For Windows

Initial requirements:

  • Before you start the wireless setup, you need to know the network credentials.
  • After that, you can proceed to the hp Officejet 4658 wireless setup.
  • As recommended, connect the computer to the wireless network.

Wireless connectivity printer setup:

  • Check the control panel to figure out the Setup option.
  • On figuring out, click on it to get the Network Setup option.
  • The Network Setup screen will lead you through the Wireless Settings screen.
  • On the screen, hit Wireless Setup Wizard to explore visible networks.
  • When the wizard displays the network, choose the network.
  • Later, select the network and type the password.
Wireless Setup For MAC

Officejet 4658 wireless setup requirements:

  • To begin with, switch on the printer and Mac device.
  • And now, get the SSID and password of the wireless network.
  • Then, pair up the Mac device to the network using the router.

Steps for network connection:

  • Now, go to the control panel on the printer device.
  • Select the Setup icon of the printer and move to the network setup.
  • Next, select the Network setup option from the displayed option.
  • After that, choose the Wireless Settings and wait for the next screen.
  • In the settings section, you need to choose the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • At last, choose the network from the list.
  • Later, you can type the password for safe wireless connection.

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