HP Officejet 5264 Printer Setup

Use the HP OfficeJet 5264 All-in-One printer for obtaining high-quality photographs and prints. The automatic duplex option enables quick printing. Get the complete guide from 123.hp.com/oj5264 for accomplishing the print, scan, copy and fax functions.

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Printer Setup

Carry out the printer setup to obtain the optimum result from the device. This includes unpacking the printer. Then installing the ink cartridges and loading papers. Go with our simple instructions for successful prints.

Driver Install

Install the perfect driver software for accomplishing the printer functionalities. Go ahead with the simple installation instructions from 123.hp.com/setup 5264. Select the appropriate HP OfficeJet 5264 printer driver for download.


The printer may rise with issues in certain situations. This can be rectified with the help of effective troubleshooting methods. Never hesitate to contact us, if in case you need any help.

HP Officejet 5264 First Time Printer Setup

HP Officejet 5264 Printer Setup

Step 1: Remove the Printer from the Box

  • Initially, place the printer box on a smooth surface.
  • Next, take out the printer components and check for damages.
  • Place the HP Officejet 5264 printer in such a way that it is easy for access.

Step 2: Connect the Plug into the Power Cord

  • Now, it is time to connect the printer to the constant power supply.
  • Use the power cable for connecting the printer to the power supply.
  • Then wait for some time and turn on the printer device.

Step 3: Install the Ink Cartridges

  • Perform the ink cartridge setup with genuine ink cartridges.
  • Firstly take the HP Officejet 5264 ink cartridge from the package.
  • Then go with 123.hp.com/setup 5264 steps for successful ink cartridge installation.

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Step 4: Install the Printer Software

  • Now, it’s time to install the HP Officejet 5264 printer software.
  • Download the HP Officejet 5264 drivers from reliable sources.
  • After the download, start installing the printer driver & software package.

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First Time Setup

The first time setup is very simple. So, it can be done by just following the HP Officejet 5264 printer manual. If you face any issues, then approach us for instant help.

Driver Download

Installing driver software for HP Officejet 5264 printer is important and essential. Go with the steps available on 123.hp.com/setup 5264 for easy download and installation.

USB Setup

Establishing the connection between printer and computer with USB cable is very effective. Once you connect, you can take the admirable and crisp output from the Officejet printer.

Wireless Setup

Connect the printer wirelessly and enjoy printing from anywhere at comfort zone. This needs your effort only during the setup process. After the setup, you can enjoy the wireless compatibility of the printer.

HP Mobile Print

Activate the mobile print option on your printer device. Then assign the task to printer from your network-connected mobile device.

Features Setup

Looking for the best features from HP Officejet 5264 printer. Then go ahead and accomplish the steps to complete the setup. Avail the print features after setting the printer.

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HP Officejet 5264 Driver Installation

It is essential to install the best driver for your HP Officejet 5264 printer. You can utilize the advanced features, only by installing the appropriate driver.

HP Officejet 5264 Driver Install For Windows

  • In the first place, introduce the device to a stable network.
  • Now, open the internet explorer and navigate to the manufacturer page.
  • Here, find the corresponding driver page and pick your HP Officejet 5264 driver.
  • Sequentially, click on the download page for HP Officejet 5264 driver download.
  • Next, follow the instructions from 123.hp.com/oj5264 for installing it.
  • Simultaneously add the printer to the windows device & Printer list.

HP Officejet 5264 Driver Install For MAC

  • Initially, connect the Mac device to the active network.
  • After that, explore the browser on the Mac device.
  • And then get directed to the driver download page and search the corresponding driver.
  • Now, select and download the HP Officejet 5264 driver on the Mac device.
  • Next, initiate the driver installation on the Mac device.
  • Finally, add the Officejet 5264 printer to the Mac device list.
Get Technical Assistance For Officejet 5264
Get help from our tech team and explore Call us Toll Free @ 1-844-554-2340
HP Officejet 5264 Connectivity Setup

HP Officejet 5264 printer device has a connectivity setup. This can interface your printer and computer together. Associate your device with the network accomplishes the setup.

HP Officejet 5264 WPS Push button Method
  • The WPS Pushbutton is a secure wireless connection method. This is available only when you have the wireless router with the Push-button.
  • It takes only a couple of minutes for establishing the connection.
  • Firstly, press the WPS Push button on the HP Officejet 5264 printer.
  • Then within a few minutes, push the button on the wireless router.
  • The Pushbutton requirement is available on 123.hp.com/oj5264.
HP Officejet 5264 WPS Pin Method
  • Utilize the WPS Pin Method, when the Push button is available on either of the device.
  • Now, tap on the printer control panel. However, then choose the wireless settings option.
  • Eventually, choose the WPS option from the available list. Sequentially the PIN option.
  • At this point, the printer screen will display the PIN code.
  • Then, enter the PIN code onto the required field of Wireless router.
HP Officejet 5264 Wireless Setup Wizard
  • The wireless setup is the simplest wireless connectivity method. Get the network details for connecting the device.
  • Initially, connect the computer with the wireless network.
  • Next, move to the control panel of the Officejet 5264 printer.
  • Then select the settings option. Now, select the Wireless setup from the settings menu.
  • Eventually, choose the Wireless Setup Wizard to accomplish the setup.
HP Printer Setup
HP Officejet 5264 Wireless Setup
The wireless compatibility of the printer is renewed to support the advanced features. On connecting the device, you can complete the print jobs at much ease.
Wireless Setup For Windows
  • Initially, turn on your HP Officejet 5264 printer and Windows device.
  • Now, make sure the Wireless router is ready for connection.
  • Next, get directed to Wireless Setup Wizard on your printer control panel.
  • Get instructions from 123.hp.com/oj5264 to land on the above option.
  • After that, select your network offered by Wireless router.
  • Then, click on the continue option to proceed further.
Wireless Setup For MAC
  • In the first place, power on your HP Officejet 5264 printer and Mac.
  • Now, interface your Mac device with the wireless router.
  • Next, click on the Wireless icon on the control panel of the HP Officejet 5264 printer.
  • After that, select the desired wireless network and enter the network details.
  • Eventually, follow the screen instructions for achieving the wireless setup.
  • Finally, you can assign the print task wirelessly.

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