HP Officejet Pro 9013 Printer Setup

OJPro9013 printer is capable of providing multiple premium quality printing with the help of multiple exciting functionalities. 123.hp.com/ojpro9013 printer model is capable of supporting the wired and wireless connection. It is known for producing a Standard quality at affordable prices.

123.hp.com/ojpro9013 printer setup

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Printer Setup

Any mechanism starts with its setup; likewise printer also requires some basic setup to finish. The setup is all about the basic steps to require for 123.hp.com/setup 9013 printer to work properly. Steps to carry forward begin with unboxing the parcel.

Driver Install

After the printer setup is over, the second step to work on is driver installation. You need to search for the driver which will be suitable for your printer to work properly. You can seek our assistance anytime regarding the printer problem.


It’s obvious to stick with some problem while the printer setup. But you need not worry as we there to work on behalf of you. You can get excellent technical support at an affordable price.

HP Officejet Pro 9013 First Time Printer Setup

HP Officejet Pro 9013 Printer Setup

Step 1: Remove the OJPro9013 Printer from the Box

  • The basic step for any printer setup is removing the printer from the box.
  • And after unboxing, need to take away the stickers and tapes from the sides of the printer carefully.

Step 2: Connect the Plug into the Power Cord

  • Provide the printer with an adequate power supply for the printer to work properly.
  • Try to make the connection between the printer device and the computer using the power cord.

Step 3: Install the Ink Cartridges

  • For installing the ink cartridge, you need to lift the access door up.
  • Now, hold the cartridges by its side and firmly try inserting it inside.
  • After that, you need to close the access door.

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Step 4: Install the Printer Software

  • For the printer driver to work, look for the original site and from there you need to install the driver which is compatible with your printer.
  • You will the steps give below for the installation of OJPro9012 driver.

OJPro9012 Services

First Time Setup

The setup for the printer requires a few simple easy steps. There are just a few basic setup steps that should be followed. Examine whether all the necessary accessories are available or not. Follow the setup steps cautiously.

Driver Download

The driver download is important for your printer to work properly. Before downloading the driver ensure that it is of latest version filled with the recent features inbuilt in the driver. Driver installation is the elementary step for your Window and Mac.

USB Setup

Most of the printer supports the USB cable connection. The printer and the computer can have a connection with the help of USB cables. The USB cable is more reliable and safe for the printing work to get over.

Wireless Setup

The printing can now be possible with Wireless Setup. To avail the wireless network it is important to connect your 123.hp.com/ojpro9013 printer with the router. The Wireless setup can get over easily if the internet connection is good.

HP Mobile Print

Mobile printing can be easily possible with a smartphone, iPhone, iPad, and tablet. HP Mobile printing is the newest feature in the printer world. This can be easily done if you have you have an adequate amount of internet access.

Features Setup

Officejet Pro 9013 is capable of supporting various features like copy, scan, print, and fax. It supports both wired and wireless feature. It supports different media feeder. It is capable of supporting borderless printing.

Get Technical Assistance For Officejet Pro 9013
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HP Officejet Pro 9013 Driver Installation

Recently updated version of the driver is to explore the new exciting features of the driver. If you have any queries related to the installation of the driver. We are at your service 24*7. Contact our tech team for a quick solution.

HP Officejet Pro 9013 Driver Install For Windows

  • For your OJPro9013 driver installation to work properly, you must follow the below given steps:
  • The installation begins with choosing the driver based on the OS which is currently in use.
  • You have to wisely choose the driver available on the original site.
  • From there, it will navigate you to the OJPro9013 Software and Driver download option. Enter the printer model.
  • If you want to modify the version of the printer model, tap on the Change option.
  • Click the download option present on the Driver page.
  • Select the Basic driver if you want to see other options available.
  • Before ending the process, you must choose the connection type available and the printer will be ready to give the desired output.

HP Officejet Pro 9013 Driver Install For MAC

  • The driver installation is possible only by knowing some basic information about the network.
  • Now, to begin with, navigate to the Apple menu from there it is important to select the system preference choice.
  • For adding the printer, click on the plus sign and then choose Add printer or scanner option for adding the printer to the list.
  • If the printer is not present in the list, in that case, you need to tap on the Use or Print using option.
  • And then you can select the printer device available.
  • You have to select 123.hp.com/setup 9013 Download option and it will start downloading the driver.
  • You need to accept the terms and condition available there and start with installing process.

HP Officejet Pro 9013 Ink Cartridge Installation

The installation of the cartridge is no more a difficult process to get through, just follow the below steps given.

  • Make your printer and computer in start mode, and verify whether the cartridges are in working condition or not.
  • Take out the cartridges out and dispose of the stickers stuck over the ink cartridges present.
  • Ensure that your cartridges are not leaking from the sides if there is any leaks return the parcel and order for a new one.
  • Touch from only the black portion of the OJPro9013 cartridge and not touch from the other sides of the printer.
  • Hold in such a way that nozzle must be facing the printer.
  • Fix the cartridges in the appropriate slots and try pressing them inside gently.
  • Does not force fix anything, it might damage the nozzle.
  • After the insertion is over, close the lid of the access door.

123.hp.com/ink cartridge installation

HP Officejet Pro 9013 Wireless Mobile Printing

The process of distance printing is possible with the Wireless printing solution. This printing process can be done using smartphones, laptops, Pc, iPhone etc. There is a certain limit to the distance from where we can take a printout.

HP Officejet Pro 9013 Airprint Setup

AirPrint is a mobile printing intended especially for the Apple device users. If you wish to have a stress free printing experience then you need to follow the below steps for OJPro9013:

  • Firstly, begin by establishing the wireless connection between your printer and your Apple device.
  • Ensure the printer and the Apple device is in connection with the same wifi network.
  • Click on the menu on your Mac device and from there tab on the system preference window.
  • Choose your printer and then tap on the AirPrint option from the Use menu and try adding your printer to the printer queue.
  • Make your printer ready for the print task by turning on, installing the cartridges and by keeping the adequate amount of paper.
  • Tap on the document and then click on the Share option.
  • Identify your printer device and click on 123.hp.com/ojpro9013 Print option for printing the documents.

HP Officejet Pro 9013 ePrint Setup

ePrint Setup for Windows

  • To experience this process, you must check whether the printer is capable of supporting the printer model or not.
  • You can begin the process by downloading and installing the HP ePrint software for the printer to operate properly.
  • Follow the below steps carefully for the installation process.
  • After installation, begin by registering it with ePrint application.
  • Select the File option and you need to select your file type and from there pick your document.
  • From there, select on the Print settings mention there.

ePrint Setup for MAC

  • The initial process begins with clicking on the web browser and looking for the original sites.
  • To avail the features, you need to download and install the ePrint software.
  • Open the downloaded file and select on the HP ePrint installer option.
  • Now, agree on the terms and condition available.
  • And follow the 123.hp.com/setup 9013 installation process and complete the process.
  • Gather the essential information about the printer you are using.
  • Try printing a test page, after the initial setup.

HP Officejet Pro 9013 Cloud Print Setup

Cloud Print Setup for Windows

  • To begin the process, start by checking the compatibility of cloud print with your printer.
  • The connection will get establish only when you know the printer’s email address.
  • To avail the service, you must sign in Google Cloud Print account.
  • Type the email address in the new email box and then you need to tap on the Connect my printer option.
  • Attach a document you want to print, and complete the process.

Cloud Print Setup for MAC

  • Make your printer cloud-ready by track the following things.’
  • Switch on the printer open the browser.
  • On the right corner, click more and then tap on the setting option.
  • On the bottom, tap on Advanced
  • Below the printing option, tap on the Google Cloud Print.
  • Select the Manage Cloud Print device and then sign in the Google Account.
  • Choose the printer device and then click the Add Printer option.
Get Technical Assistance For Officejet Pro 9013
Get help from our tech team and explore Call us Toll Free @ 1-844-554-2340
HP Officejet Pro 9013 Connectivity Setup

The connectivity setup is the latest feature catered by the printer, which will allow the user to print from the distance. There are multiple methods for connecting your printer devices. Some of the common methods are given below.

HP Officejet Pro 9013 Auto Wireless Connect

Step 1: Compatibility

  • HP Auto Wireless connection is supported by the recent model of the printer.
  • You must install the driver which is compatible with your operating system respectively.
  • Know the details of your Operating system.
  • The computer device should be connected wirelessly.

Step 2: Software installation for HP Printer

  • The installation of the software is just like any other general software installation.
  • Click on the browser and then search for the ideal site with respect to your printer.
  • Identify a suitable OJPro9013 driver for the printer to work properly.
  • Now lastly you need to tap the download option for downloading purpose.

Step 3: Wireless Printer setup

  • For the wireless setup, select on the Restore network settings.
  • Look for wireless option and then you need to enter the network details and tap on the Next option.
  • After clicking on the tabs, your printer will be ready for your Wireless connection.
HP Officejet Pro 9013 WPS Setup

Step 1: Printer software installation

  • The software installation begins by opening the web browser and navigating to the original sites.
  • And from there, just tap on the Download option to download the required driver.
  • Follow the on-screen given instruction to finish the process.

Step 2: Wireless Printer setup

  • Prior to wireless printer setup, confirm your printer device and router has the WPS pushbutton choice.
  • The wireless setup must have WPA or WPA2 security key.
  • The network without WPA or WPA2 option will find difficult to establish the connection with the device.

Step 3: Pushbutton mode

  • For conforming the pushbutton mode, you have to click the pushbutton which is available on the control panel.
  • Pause for some time, and then you have to hold the WPS pushbutton which is present on the control panel.
HP Officejet Pro 9013 Wireless Setup Wizard

Step 1: Wireless Printer Setup

  • On the control panel, choose the setup option from the menu.
  • You need to select the wireless setting from the Network option and from there click on the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • You need to search for the network name from the list of network available.
  • If the network name is absent, then you need to enter the name manually.

Step 2: Printer Software install

  • Connect your 123.hp.com/ojpro9013 printer and mobile to the same network connection.
  • Make your printer, router, computer in a ready state.
  • The printer and the computer should have a stable connection.
  • Pick your driver carefully, according to the printer device.
  • Now download the driver of the latest version and explore the new features of the printer device.

123.hp.com/wireless protected setup

HP Officejet Pro 9013 Wireless Setup

The Wireless Setup is to facilitate the print task from a distance. This attractive feature is supported by most of the new series printer. For printing the document or images you need not be physically present near the printer.

Wireless Setup For Windows
  • For the wireless setup, the basic step is to know the important about the network name.
  • The printer, routers and the computer must be turned on.
  • The printer and the router must be kept within range.
  • From the network option from the Control panel.
  • Look for 123.hp.com/setup 9013 Wireless Setup Wizard option.
  • If the network name is not present, then you can enter the network name manually.
  • After this, you need to enter the essential details regarding the network name.
  • By following these steps you can have trouble- free internet access.
Wireless Setup For MAC
  • For having a wireless connection for Mac system, you should know the important details about the network.
  • Keep your printer, router and computer ready for the print job.
  • Bring the router and the print nearby and detach the USB cable.
  • On the control panel there is the wireless option available.
  • From there search for the wireless Setup Wizard option.
  • Look for the network list and identify your Network name.
  • If the network name is missing, then you need to enter the network name manually.
  • Enter the particulars when the prompt box pop’s up.
  • By following these steps you can have a successful wireless connection.
HP Officejet Pro 9013 Troubleshooting
Black ink not printing, other Print quality Issues.
  • If there is a print quality issue, then look for below things given.
  • It is always good to use genuine ink cartridge, in order to avoid frequent trouble.
  • Cross check you are using the right quality of paper for this printing purpose.
  • Identify if there is any problem in the print settings option.
  • Verify the ink level of the cartridge.
  • On the control panel, down the dashboard there is ink level indicator icon.
  • Replace the empty ink cartridges.
  • And at last, print a Print Quality Diagnostic page.
OJPro9013 USB Cable Connection
  • If you wish to have a USB connection then does follow these steps.
  • Turn on your printer and disconnect your USB cable if it is in connection.
  • Navigate to the original site and then download the driver which will help you avail recent features.
  • You need to download the driver and then install it properly.
  • Choose the 123.hp.com/ojpro9013 connection type as USB and then carry on by connecting the USB cable.
  • Establish the connection between the printer and the system when required.
  • By following the above steps the connection is can be completed.

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