HP Printer WPS Pin Setup

WPS PIN HP printer is a secure way of connectivity. Now you can enable the wireless mode on your HP printer easy with 3 options. You can do it through the Wireless Setup Wizard or WPS Push Button mode or the PIN mode. Also, get this WPS Pin for your  HP printers in a snap with expert assistance.

123 HP Printer Wireless Setup Modes

Now HP Printer Wireless Setup is easy. Also, you can do this with either the direct Wireless Setup Wizard or the WPS mode. Now, based on the HP Printer reviews, WPS pin mode is the safest when compared to other modes. Here, you can enable these in a snap with expert assistance and the latest set of drivers.

  • Wireless Setup Wizard – A classic mode to setup wireless mode with the setup wizard.
  • WPS mode (Push Button) – A secured way of connecting HP printer and the router on pushing a button.
  • WPS Mode (WPS Pin Mode) – A more secure way of connecting the HP printer and the router with a 8-digit Pin. You can get this pin from your router and then enter it on your printer for connection.

All these modes need the latest set of Wireless drivers and software. Now, you can also get these from the HP direct link. Click here for detailed instructions on HP Printer Wireless Drivers and Software Install.

If you face any difficulty during the HP Printer Wireless setup process, connect with our experts for immediate assistance. Now, you can reach us through either live chat or by calling 1-844-554-2340.


Tip: To begin with, you may need to install the compatible drivers and software for your Windows or MAC devices separately for connecting the printer and the devices wirelessly.

HP Printers WPS Setup

WPS mode is one of the best secured mode of connectivity which helps in connecting the printer to the network in a jiffy. Also, WiFi Protected Setup is an easy and secured mode to connect the HP printer and the wireless network without network password. Now, there are two modes in WPS – Push button mode and WPS PIN mode.

WPS Push Button mode: This method connects the printer to the router just by pressing the WPS button on the devices simultaneously. You do not need any network name or password for this mode of connection.

WPS Pin mode: This is similar to the Push button mode. However, you need the preset pin for your HP printer to establish network connection through this mode.

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HP Printers Wireless Setup Wizard

Now you can complete the HP printer Wireless Setup easy with the latest set of drivers and software. After installing the HP Wireless drivers and software, follow the below instructions to complete the wireless setup process.

Step 1: To begin with, on your HP Printer Touch panel, click on the Wifi icon to initiate the Wireless Setup Wizard. In case your HP printer does not have Touch Panel, press the Wireless button for 2-3 seconds to initiate the Wireless Setup process.

Step 2: Now, run the HP Wireless Setup Wizard and follow the set of instructions. These are easy to follow steps which will guide you through the process.

Step 3: Next, midway the process, the wizard will list the complete set of Wireless networks available nearby. Select your Wireless Network name (SSID) from this list. Then enter the network password to connect it to your Printer.

Step 4: In case you are unable to find your Wireless Network name on the list, call our experts at 18445542340 to add it manually.

WPS PIN Setup HP Printer

Now complete the WPS PIN Setup for your HP printer right with the latest set of drivers and software. Also, you can enable the WPS mode either with the push button or the WPS PIN. Here are the basic steps to enable the WPS mode of connectivity between the HP printer and the network.

WPS Push Button Mode:

Step 1: Now, select the Push Button option form the list and the printer will start the countdown from 2:00 minutes.

Step 2: Within this 2 minutes, push the WPS button on the router. This will enable a secured connection between the router and the HP Printer.

You can get this WPS PIN from the printer network configuration page.


To connect your HP Printer to the router with the WPS PIN, you can use the below steps:

Step 1: Go to the settings on your HP Printer panel and select the WiFi Protected Setup option. This will open 2 choices – Push button or PIN.

Step 2: Here, select PIN and wait for the wizard to prompt for the WPS PIN.

Step 3: Now, enter your HP Printer WPS PIN for a secured connection.

You can get the WPS PIN from the network configuration page.

WPS Menu


WPS Printer Setup

What is WPS PIN?

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a mode of wireless connection which enables you to connect the printer and the network easy. The WPS mode is more secure than the classic SSID and password method. This is because the WPS mode needs both the devices present next to each other for a secured connection. WPS PIN is a 8-digit number pre-defined on your HP printer for a  secured connectivity. It is an additional level of security for a safe connection. Entering the WPS PIN right, will establish a secure network.

Common FAQs and Queries on WPS PIN

Where to find WPS PIN on HP printer:

Your printer will generate a new pin every 90 seconds. You can see this on the Touch screen screen of your HP Printer. In case you cannot locate the WPS pin there, you can print the network configuration page to get the WPS PIN. Need further assistance? Call our experts at 1-844-554-2340.

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